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29er mountain bike
29ers: More is more
The 'newest' wheel size in mountain biking shows no signs of losing popularity. These days you can find nearly all types of mountain bike available with 29" wheels; the larger wheels roll more easily over roots and stones, offer better traction and require less effort to keep their momentum going. Thanks to these qualities, 29ers have conquered the market in recent years and currently hold an especially dominating position among mountain bikes for cross country and marathon riding.

MTB 29 Inch

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  • Shimano 1
  • Sram 1

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  • Cube Aim 1
  • Cube Analog 1


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Most popular New products Best rating Highest price Lowest price Highest discount
Cube Aim Pro shiftverde'n'black
Cube Aim Pro shiftverde'n'black
Aim Pro shiftverde'n'black
  • Versions: 20" | L (29")
Cube Analog flashgrey'n'red
Cube Analog flashgrey'n'red
Analog flashgrey'n'red
  • Versions: 22" | XL

29 Inch Mountain Bikes for Smooth, Flowy Riding

29 Inch Mountain Bikes

29 inch mountain bikes have soared in popularity in recent years, and for good reason. The small increase in wheel size over traditional 27.5 inch bikes offers a vastly improved riding experience on many types of terrain and trails. If you’re looking to make the switch to a 29er bike, has hundreds of optionsto choose from across every style you could think of.

Why Size Up to 29 Inches?

If you haven’t ridden a 29 inch mountain bike before, you’ll be surprised at howdifferent the riding experience feels from a standard 27.5 inch bike. 29ers havebecome very popular thanks to a few key advantages over their smaller-wheeled counterparts:

  • Efficiency - 29 inch wheels are more efficient on long rides because the wheels hold their momentum better once you get moving.
  • Traction - 29ers have better traction than 27.5 inch bikes because the wheels have more rubber in contact with the ground for otherwise identical tyres.
  • Attack Angle - Arguably the most important advantage to 29 inch wheels is their shallower angle of attack. 29ers have a much easier time rolling over obstacles on the trail, which gives you more confidence in your ride.

These advantages are more than enough to convince many riders that they never want to go back to a 27.5 inch bike. Particularly for cross country and long-distance riders, the added efficiency and shallow attack angle of 29ers are huge benefits. That said, there are a few disadvantages to 29ers. Most notably, 29ers are heaviersimply because they’re larger. That’s a big deal for racers, but it also affects acceleration. 27.5 inch bikes tend to feel more responsive than 29ers, which someriders like.

Choosing a 29” Mountain Bike

29ers come in all the same varieties as 27.5 inch mountain bikes. There arehardtail and full-suspension 29ers, and frames and suspension systems that are specialised for all of the major mountain biking disciplines.

Hardtail vs. Full Suspension

Just as for 27.5 inch mountain bikes, the first decision you have to make when choosing a 29er is whether you want rear suspension. Full suspension 29ers amplify the benefits of a rear suspension on bumpy and technical trails thanks to their improved traction and shallow angle of attack. Plus, with more momentum, it’s easier to keep up high speeds on a full suspension 29erso you do longer days. Hardtail 29ers are better if you ride primarily on smooth trails. The larger wheelswill enable you to get over obstacles more easily, but you’ll need to be careful that rocks and logs don’t drive your seat up into your tailbone when your rear wheelhits them. Still, the momentum of hardtail 29ers makes them ideal for flowy riding.

29 Inch Mountain Bikes at

If you’re ready to size up to a 29er mountain bike, has plenty of options to get you started. We carry hundreds of hardtail and full-suspension 29ers, with frame designs for every discipline from cross country to enduro and everything in between.