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Luggage Racks

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Suitable Wheel Size in inches

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  • Cube RFR CMPT 1


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Most popular New products Best rating Highest price Lowest price Highest discount
Cube RFR CMPT Universal Pannier Rack black
Cube RFR CMPT Universal Pannier Rack black
Cube RFR
CMPT Universal Pannier Rack black
XLC RP-R02 Rack 26/28"
XLC RP-R02 Rack 26/28"
RP-R02 Rack 26/28"
  • Versions: Black

Bicycle luggage racks - the different options

Here at Bikester, we've got a bike luggage rack to suit every need. Whether you want a rack for attaching panniers or carrying your shopping home, we've got you covered. Take some time to think about what you need the rack for and what sort of load you'll transport on it.

Cube RFR Trekking Rack in Black

Which type of rack is right for me?

Many trekking and city bikes come with a rear-mounted rack already fitted or with the mounts needed to attach one. Other bikes don't have the available mounts but we have many options if that's the case.


When the sun's shining (and even when it's not) it's wonderful to take your bike out for a multi-day ride. You'll need some strong racks to carry your luggage and to distribute the weight effectively. Luggage is generally best if it's transported on a rear rack and these can carry at least 25kg of kit, sometimes more.

If you're just using your rear rack to carry shopping home on your bike it's important to find the right one. We have a large collection of steel and aluminium luggage racks, so you can buy one that's most suitable.

At Bikester, we stock a wide range of Racktime luggage racks. Many come with an adjustable adaptor, which can be used as a luggage-carrying platform for bags, baskets and more.

Our selection ofXlc luggage racks also come with the option of adapter plates for adding panniers. This is a great, strong and versatile option if you plan to use the rack to transport different load types.


A front rack is also a good option as you can access things easily and keep an eye on your luggage. Our front racks are strong and robust and you can transport loads of up to 25kg with them. They can be attached to the fork or the front wheel axle.

As with any pannier rack, be sure to decide what weight you'll be carrying on it before you buy, to ensure you get the right one for you.

Seat post mounted

If your bike's not equipped with the mounts for a conventional rear rack, a seat post mounted one might be the ideal option. Racks that mount to the seat post or even the axle get around the fact that your bike hasn't got mounts.

Lowrider front racks

When you need more capacity, a front 'lowrider' rack is a great option, especially for long-distance bike touring. This style of rack means your luggage is close to your front wheel and therefore affects your steering less.

Before buying one, making sure it's compatible with your fork, your wheel size and brakes. Many bikes are incompatible with these racks. Some lowriders need special mounts on the fork; others can be installed without them.

Bike rack accessories

So now you're all kitted out for your multi-day bike trip, your daily commute to work or your weekly shopping trip. We've also got a selection of bike rack accessories to ensure that your luggage is transported safely and securely. We've got rack straps and tensioning rubbers to secure your bags. We stock a range of mounting kits and adaptors to ensure you don't get any annoying wobbles or clanking sounds from your pannier rack as you ride.