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Electric bike brands

E-bikes are the future – two-wheeled mobility solutions that help you cycle further than ever before. Anyone who's interested in e-bikes will find a remarkably extensive range of the latest e-bikes from the top brands at Bikester, Europe's largest shop for bikes and accessories. From e-MTBs to e-city and e-trekking bikes to e-road bikes with a mid-mounted or hub motor, whether a pedelec or S-pedelec, with an integrated or external battery, we've got the right selection in all price ranges. All electric-bike brands listed on Bikester are clearly arranged here in our brand hub so you can quickly find the e-bike you want. We're constantly expanding our range of e-bikes, so you'll regularly find new brands on this page.

Our electric bike manufacturers

Bianchi E-Bikes

Bianchi electric bikes – the right boost for every occasion

E-bikes by this traditional Italian brand give you precisely the push you need for any journey. With electric road bikes from the Aria and Impulso ranges, you increase your power to make every steep hill climbable. E-Impulso is also available in gravel and touring versions. As for e-SUVs, Bianchi has several to choose from. Behind the e-Omnia and T-Tronik collections you’ll find a considerable range of electric mountain bikes – some as hardtails and some with full suspension for the most diverse MTB pursuits. But there are also Omnia and Tronik editions for city use, as well as the e-Spillo, which makes cycling a piece of cake thanks to its discrete battery over the rear wheel.

Bianchi electric bikes

Cube E-Bikes

Cube electric bikes – pure cycling fun with hybrid wheels

Cube has over 100 e-bikes on offer, and they all come with premium Bosch drive systems. You can recognise them by the word hybrid in the model’s name. Electric hardtail mountain bikes can be found under Reaction Hybrid, and Stereo Hybrid describes those with full suspension. They have travel from 120 mm, suitable for day-to-day use, to enduro-capable 160 mm. For city and touring there are models with a low step-through, such as the Ella and Supreme Hybrids, as well as adventurous e-bikes such as the Kathmandu, Touring, and Nuride Hybrids. Speed pedelecs and compact, foldable, and cargo e-bikes also make up the Cube range, and even the kids can get out on an e-bike with the Hybrid Rookie.

Cube electric bikes

Diamant E-Bikes

Diamant electric bikes ­– tradition meets motors

Tradition is paramount to Diamant, but that doesn’t mean that the brand, founded in 1885, is a stranger to e-mobility. All Diamant e-bikes have powerful Bosch motors and a plus in their names to signify the extra boost they provide. Here you can find electric trekking bikes like the all-rounder Aurus+, different editions of the light Zing+, and Mandara+ and Opal+, which are particularly suited to longer routes thanks to their optional Range Boost. The electric city bikes by Diamant such as the versions of Beryll+, Turmalin+ or the Juna+ in a retro look are designed especially for comfort and safety. Models of Zouma+ are also available as speed pedelecs, with motor support up to 28 mph.

Diamant electric bikes

e-bike manufaktur

e-bike manufaktur – premium quality e-mobility

This brand from Oldenburg, Germany, dedicates itself to e-mobility excellence. Quality and harmony are the pillars on which e-bike manufaktur bases its products: high-performance batteries are integrated for a smooth exterior, but their electric bikes brim with energy from within thanks to powerful Bosch Performance Line drive systems. The e-SUVs impress with their sprightliness, suitability for day-to-day use and versatility, and the city e-bikes are powerful and convenient for the concrete jungle. As for expedition e-bikes, e-bike manufaktur offers touring pedelecs for many hours in the saddle. There are trekking e-bikes for long, sporty journeys too.

e-bike manufaktur electric bikes

FOCUS E-bikes

FOCUS e-bikes: models for all purposes

The German brand FOCUS offers e-bikes for off-road, city and touring. Regardless of whether it's a full-suspension or hardtail e-MTB, touring or city bike, a powerful mid-mounted motor will support you in any endeavour. E-mountain bikes often have at least the Performance CX Gen. 4 line from Bosch or the proven Shimano Steps EP8 motor on board. On the brand's e-road bike, you'll enjoy support from the Fazua Evation motor/battery unit, which is stylishly integrated into the down tube. FOCUS calls its e-bikes the SQUARED (High Two) Experience because they let you experience more with the same effort.

FOCUS electric bikes

Ghost E-bikes

Ghost e-bikes: "head off, motor on"

Bavarian brand Ghost is known for its pioneering mountain bikes, marrying innovation with tried and tested technology. Paired with powerful motors from Bosch and Yamaha, these touring hardtail e-mtbs with fully integrated batteries or its full-sus trail e-mtbs, all-mountain e-mtbs and enduro e-mtbs leave nothing to be desired. Ghost's portfolio also includes fully equipped city e-bikes for everyday use and e-touring models for longer distances. You'll find an e-bike for every purpose that's been developed with great attention to detail.

Ghost electric bikes


HAIBIKE e-bikes: e-mountain bikes of the highest order

HAIBIKE was founded in 1995 in Schweinfurt and launched the 'original' e-mtb, the EQ XDURO, back in 2010. The brand also helped start an entirely new type of cycling: ePerformance. In addition to its innovative e-mountain bikes, HAIBIKE also offers high-quality e-touring bikes, e-fitness bikes, s-pedelecs and children's e-bikes. In addition to the proven Bosch Gen 4 and Yamaha PW-X2 motors, the brand also uses the specially developed HAIBIKE FLYON system. Here, one of the most powerful mid-mounted motors on the market with up to 120 Nm of torque meets shapely, compact design, fully integrated components and connectivity.

HAIBIKE electric bikes

Husqvarna E-bikes

Husqvarna e-bikes - The engine is the programme

The Swedish brand has been producing bicycles since 1896 but quickly specialised in motorised equipment, especially motorbikes. The influence of the latter can still be seen in the Husqvarna e-mountain bikes and the replica series of e-learning bikes for children. The robust and high-quality e-MTBs like the Mountaincross series have an outstanding price-performance ratio. Husqvarna also has exciting gravel, trekking and urban e-bikes with reliable Shimano mid-mounted motors. Husqvarna even runs a successful e-racing team!

Husqvarna electric bikes

Kalkhoff E-bikes

Kalkhoff e-bikes - Everyday e-bikes

Founded in Cloppenburg in 1919, Kalkhoff has always impressed with reliable bikes for leisure and everyday use. The first series-produced Kalkhoff electric bike was launched in 2007. All of the brand's e-bikes bear the letter "B" in their names, which refers to the range of Bosch mid-range motors installed in the bikes. Kalkhoff divides its e-bikes into City, Trekking and Allroad: they bear the series names Image, Endeavour and Entice. So there is an e-bike for city and country, on- and off-road, but the brand also has versatile SUV e-bikes that can do everything. Kalkhoff also makes fast S-pedelecs.

Kalkhoff electric bikes

Koga E-bikes

Koga E-bikes – Dutch quality

Since 1974, Koga has been offering first-class bicycles that are designed and handmade in Heerenveen. Their high standards naturally apply to the brand's electric bikes as well, which are also checked in the company's test centre. The development brief for all Koga bikes is a combination of sportiness, comfort and exclusive design with perfect workmanship. The electric pedal assistance of the city, trekking and touring e-bikes is provided by the reliable Bosch mid-mounted motors or the ION technology developed in the Netherlands, where the brushless motor is hidden in the rear wheel hub.

Koga electric bikes

Kona E-bikes

Scale every summit with a Kona electric bike

The mountain bike experts at Kona don’t disappoint with their e-bikes either, making sure every hill and awkward trail is within grasp. Each model is equipped with reliable Shimano motors and their level of assistance is adjustable. The Kona Remote models with varying spring travel are designed for a wide range of uses, from all mountain to enduro. The e-bike versions of the popular Kona models El Kahuna, Dew, and Libre offer the same fun of the ride as their motorless counterparts, but with extra power for commuting or off-road riding.

Kona electric bikes

Kreidler E-bikes

Kreidler e-bikes – Every day, every way

The traditional brand from Oldenburg carries out all the important production processes of its bikes and electric bikes in Germany. This applies to development, design, production and quality assurance. The result is durable, reliable and stylish Kreidler city, trekking and SUV e-bikes for everyday use and leisure. Bosch e-bike systems with powerful mid-mounted motors provide complete control and extra thrust. The in-house SECCON safe-riding concept is based on the four pillars of safe riding, safe seeing and being seen, safe stopping and reliable security.

Kreidler electric bikes

Lapierre E-bikes

A voyage of discovery with Lapierre electric bikes

With their e-bikes, Lapierre wants to make it possible for you to discover new things and push your boundaries. The brand offers bikes with powerful motor assistance by Bosch Performance, Fazua or Yamaha for your mountain, road, trekking or city journey. The electric mountain bikes from the e-Zesty and Overvolt lines make the ascent just as enjoyable as the descent. Each Lapierre e-bike is designed for versatility and to be fun to ride so that you can stay in the saddle for as long and far as possible. And don’t forget the kids! With e-bikes for children, even the little ones can keep up with the big’uns.

Lapierre electric bikes

Orbea E-Bike

Orbea electric bikes – elegant and sporty

This long-established brand from the Basque Country hasn’t just been involved with pro cycling for years, but is also doing its thing with the development of e-bikes in terms of design and innovation. Their electric road bike Gain was developed in a minimalistic style with Orbea’s Enough Energy concept, which involves a smooth drive system, subtly integrated into the rear hub, and functions without dominating your ride. Orbea also offers wide range of off-road e-bikes, from hardtail to enduro and trail, all equipped with Bosch Performance mid-drive motors. Their focus is on increasing your distance and comfort. Even quality urban, trekking, and SUV bikes are part of the assortment.

Orbea electric bikes

Ortler E-bike

Ortler electric bikes – all-rounders for urban e-mobility

Ortler wants to make your commute easier and grant you more mobility in day-to-day life. The bikes are developed in Germany with carefully thought-out details so that you can also take shopping or children on your ride. And if you’ve got a lot to move, Ortler even has an electric cargo bike, the CPNHGN, in their range. If you’re drawn to the countryside, an Ortler electric trekking bike such as the Montana is waiting for you. All e-bikes are equipped with lights, mudguards, and luggage racks for everyday use, have a timeless design, and are equipped with reliable Bosch motors.

Ortler electric bikes


PROPHETE electric bikes – keep moving

The German brand PROPHETE is one of the market leaders in the bicycle world. At the same time, they work together with many other giants in the industry. PROPHETE also offer e-bikes for those just starting and built with motors by AEG or Blaupunkt. Whether mid-drive motors or front-wheel drive, external or integrated battery, at PROPHETE there is a solution for every demand and an e-bike for every purpose. From comfortable electric city bikes to practical electric long-John or three-wheel cargo bikes, to versatile SUV e-bikes and off-road e-trekking and mountain bikes, there’s something for everyone, and the new PROPHETE APP makes operating your new e-bike even more convenient.

PROPHETE electric bikes

Rabeneick E-bike

Electric bikes by Rabeneick – less is more

Rabeneick, a bicycle brand founded in 1930 in Bielefeld, Germany, even stay true to their purist principles with their e-bike line. That makes their stylish and minimalist e-bike designs “with the invisible e,” as they put it, particularly light. The electric single speed bikes with Gates belt drive for the city or sporty e-trekking bikes with derailleur gears are equipped with batteries and rear-wheel motors by Bafang that are practically invisibly integrated into the down tube. If you switch off the motor, the bike rides like a "normal" bike thanks to the integrated freewheel. The My Bike app provides a perfect service package for convenient operation of your e-bike.

Rabeneick elecrtic bikes

Raymon E-bike

Raymon electric bikes – e-bikes for off-road and the city

At R Raymon, founded in 2017 by Susi & Felix Puello, bikes are created with real passion. The brand belongs to Pierer Mobility AG. In the off-road sector, R Raymon offers the entire range of mountain bikes, with or without powerful Yamaha mid-drive motors. From trail to all mountain, trekking or even gravel, they’ve got a modern e-bike version for every occasion. The light AirRay 12.0 received the German Design Award in 2022. Even practical and motorised city bikes with low-maintenance Gates belt drives and touring wheels can be found in the R Raymon portfolio.

Raymon electric bikes

Serious E-bike

Serious-ly solid e-bikes for guaranteed fun

Serious's sporty and versatile trademark design is also reflected in their electric bikes. Speed through the city with the straightforward Intention, or make the most of MTB trails with their powerful Bear Rock. Serious e-bikes are equipped with reliable and powerful Bosch motors – as well as everything you'll need for either urban or off-road use: from standard lighting systems to mudguards that protect from splashing water.

Serious electric bikes

Vermont E-bike

Vermont e-bikes: everyday bikes with an added motor

German brand Vermont's city, touring and kids' bikes are known for their reliability and fair prices. To be able to offer this, the company relies on direct sales, works with experienced partners and uses brand-name parts. For commuting and daily rides, their popular Vermont Jersey is now also available with a motor. A drive system from Samsung supports you up to 25 km/h and lets you choose your speed from five modes – making everyday rides and country tours even easier.

Vermont electric bikes

Winora E-biks

Winora e-bikes: mobility for all

Winora was founded over 100 years ago by Engelbert Wiener in Germany. He hand-made the first bikes for his daughters, as mass-produced bikes for children didn't exist back then. The company's motto – "Mobility for all" – is still valid today. The brand's electric bikes now use modern technology to make mobility easier on e-city, e-touring and e-load bikes. Like their motorless siblings, Winora e-bikes offer reliability, high quality at a fair price, timeless but independent design and suitability for everyday use. Mid-mounted motors from Yamaha and Bosch are used.

Winora electric bikes