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Triathlon helmets – Every Second Counts!
Triathlon helmets have an aerodynamic, closed shape with few vents and a streamlined surface texture. In triathlon, you usually ride on your own, which means you do not benefit from other's slipstream. This means that air resistance must be reduced, and your helmet plays a significant role in this. Some helmets are pointed or teardrop-shaped at the back, and they often come with a visor as well so that the lens and helmet form a single unit. To gain the maximum benefit from a triathlon helmet, you have to maintain a streamlined position on the bike. This way, the helmet can work as designed and let you shave off those crucial seconds.

Triathlon Helmets

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Most popular New products Best rating Highest price Lowest price Highest discount
Giro Aries Spherical Helmet matte white
Giro Aries Spherical Helmet matte white
Aries Spherical Helmet matte white
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  • Versions: S | 51-55cm

Triatlon helmets online

The right triathlon helmet can mean the difference between finishing strong and reaching your triathlon goals or falling behind the pack. The website stocks a comprehensive range of aerodynamic triathlon helmets that are engineered by industry-leading helmet brands and specifically designed to meet your demands as both a triathlete and a cyclist. Choose from a vast selection of styles, sizes and manufacturers i.e. Uvex, Poc or Rudy Project that are crafted from the highest-quality and lightweight materials. Our choice of helmets for triathlon competitions have innovative features that not only look good, but that also contribute towards an enhanced performance too.

Triathlon helmets

Up your game with our range of streamlined and lightweight triathlon helmets

A properly fitted and aerodynamic triathlon helmet is worth investing in. Whether you are a seasoned triathlete or you are new to taking part, with so many options on the market, knowing which type of helmet to choose can be daunting. While one of the primary functions of the helmet is to protect your head from any injury or fall, triathlon helmets are devised with other essential factors in mind, such as characteristics that boost comfort and breathability, as well as the all-important aerodynamics, which can assist towards shaving off seconds from your time.

The purpose of a triathlon helmet is to be as aerodynamic and streamlined as possible in order to improve your time and comfort. Most helmets for triathlon and racing are constructed from extremely lightweight and smooth materials that are comfortable to wear and enable the air to flow more efficiently over the helmet when riding at top speed. Some helmets have what is known as a “long tail” at the back, which is intended to heighten speed, reduce drag and allow a seamless transition between your back and the helmet (which otherwise can create resistance), while those with shortened tails (and a rounder back) are better-suited to longer distances, where it is not so easy to maintain a fixed head position.

Another important factor to consider when you are purchasing your helmet is the ease with which you can pull it on and off your head during a race. During the triathlon, when you are transitioning between the different disciplines - for example from running to the bike or from the bike to the swim - a helmet that you can undo quickly, with one hand, such as those that have magnetic attachments on the strap, are perfect for fast swim- or run-to-bike transitions.

With the right triathlon helmet stay cool, comfortable and out in front

On the website, our portfolio of award-winning helmets for triathlon competitions are designed to keep your head cool and protected as well as looking good. The helmets are available in a selection of different colours, styles and features, so you can be sure to choose the right helmet to suit your needs. Whether you are competing for a win or to achieve your own personal goals, our triathlon helmets look as great as they perform.