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Kalkhoff Electric Bikes

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Kalkhoff E-bikes for Touring and Urban Riding

Kalkhoff E-bikes

German bikemaker Kalkhoff has been making bikes for 100 years and understands what goes into making the perfect ride for touring and city riding. The company is famous for its svelte aluminium frames, clean design features and impeccable build quality – its construction process is so streamlined that even Cervelo uses Kalkhoff to assemble its high-end road bikes. Kalkhoff has taken advantage of its long history and preeminent bike designs to push boundaries within the electric bicycle market, offering some of the best e-touring and e-city bikes on the market today. Whether you need an electric assisted ride for commuting, exploring your city, or getting out for a multi-day tour, Kalkhoff has an electric bike for you.

The Advantages of Kalkhoff E-Bike Design

While Kalkhoff’s e-bikes span a range of design styles, the company specialises in adapting its non-electric touring and urban bikes to work with electric motors. With that in mind, there are a few design aspects that set Kalkhoff e-touring and urban e-bikes apart:

  • Bottom bracket motors - Almost all of Kalkhoff’s e-bikes have the motor placed on the bottom bracket and integrated into the drivetrain, rather than on the front or rear hub. This is advantageous because the electric assist feels like natural pedalling, rather than as if you are being pushed from behind or pulled ahead.
  • Intube batteries - Kalkhoff also chose to design its e-bikes with the battery placed inside the down tube, which keeps it out of the way where it can’t cause aerodynamic drag. While this design makes the battery somewhat more difficult to access and remove, touring riders especially will appreciate that this part of the frame remains free for attaching gear.
  • Hydraulic disc brakes - Most Kalkhoff e-touring and e-city bikes are constructed with hydraulic disc brakes to offer plenty of stopping power even when the electric assist is engaged. While these are heavier than conventional rim brakes, disc brakes are increasingly popular on road bikes – and especially touring bikes – because of the stopping power they provide.

Kalkhoff E-bike Range

Kalkhoff e-bikes are rated for ranges between 40-60 km. Most of the company’s touring e-bikes are fitted with large 500 kWh batteries that can go for upwards of 50 km with the electric assist motor engaged, while Kalkhoff urban e-bikes are equipped with smaller 400 kWh batteries.

Kalkhoff E-bikes are Touring and Commuting Ready

Another advantage to choosing Kalkhoff e-bikes for touring or urban commuting is that these bikes come purpose-built for those pursuits. Many of Kalkhoff’s e-bikes are built with a suspension front fork, which is ideal for dampening vibration when touring with a loaded bike or navigating potted city roads. Plus, most Kalkhoff bikes come with a rear rack so you can quickly add touring or commuting panniers to carry your stuff. Wave and trapeze frame designs also make it easier to mount and dismount your bike at stoplights and intersections.

Kalkhoff E-bikes at

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