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Orbea Electric Bikes

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Orbea E-bikes for the Road and Trail

Orbea E-bikes

Orbea has been producing bicycles for almost 90 years, and throughout that time the company has stayed one step ahead of the competition by reimagining what new technology can do for its bicycles. That’s never been more true than for how Orbea has harnessed the power of electric assist motors. Orbea is challenging existing e-road and e-mountain bike designs to be lighter, more responsive, and more seamlessly integrated into the cycling experience.

Integrated E-road Bike Design

Many of Orbea’s e-road and e-gravel bikes don’t look like e-bikes at first glance. That’s a big part of what sets Orbea apart from the electric assist competition, and it’s just the beginning of the design changes that Orbea has made to the company’s e-bike lineup. On all of Orbea’s Gain e-road and e-gravel bike models, the battery is fully integrated into the frame so you barely know it’s there. That’s ideal for road cyclists who want just a small kick of power when climbing or riding into a headwind, but don’t need an excessively large battery for constant assistance. Another import change that Orbea made to the typical e-bike design is to put the motor in the rear hub rather than on the drivetrain. The rear motor is smaller and lighter, and more important it doesn’t create any drag when the electric assist isn’t engaged. The exterior components of the electric assist system are pared down as well. The entire e-road bike system is controlled by a single push-button on the top tube and the iWOC app on your phone. With only one cable attachment for charging, syncing data, and diagnostics, there’s no tangle of wires hanging off the bike in between rides.

Orbea E-road Bike Frames and Components

As much attention as Orbea put into the electric assist system in the e-road and e-gravel bike lineup, the designers also made time to work on the frame and components. Most of Orbea’s e-road bikes are built with lightweight, aerodynamic carbon frames, while e-gravel bikes are constructed from lightweight aluminium for greater durability. You’ll find most bike models equipped with 11-speed Shimano drivetrains to give you the most versatility for climbing. Plus, Orbea paired with Mavic to outfit all of their e-road and e-gravel bikes with high-quality wheels and tyres.

Orbea Hardtail E-mountain Bikes

Orbea also put a lot of work into improving on the design of hardtail e-mountain bikes. While these models look more like standard e-bikes with an external battery, Orbea focused on how its e-mountain bikes could be more user-friendly for riders. The result is a tool-less battery access design, a compact Bluetooth and ANT+ capable display on the handlebars, and a battery life display right on the top tube. Orbea’s e-mountain bikes also stand out from the competition for using premium Shimano E8000 motors, rather than competitors from Bosch or Yamaha. These Shimano motors use a standard chainring and offer an integrated speed sensor in the rear dropout. Plus, the E8000 is among the lightest and most powerful electric assist motors on the market.

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