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Brake Cables & Housing

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Most popular New products Best rating Highest price Lowest price Highest discount
capgo Blue Line Brake Cable Set for Campagnolo Road black
capgo Blue Line Brake Cable Set for Campagnolo Road black
Blue Line Brake Cable Set for Campagnolo Road black

Brake Cables And Housings

Here at Bikester, we have a multitude of bike brake cables and brake housings to give you a safe and solid brake setup. Wherever and however you want to ride, Bikester can help.

The options available for bike brake cables and housings are multiple, once you get into it. Here, we break (brake!) it down for you in our handy guide.

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Are Bike Brake Cables Universal?

To start with, you will need to get the right cable for the job, There are 3 main types of bike brake cables:

  • MTB — Mountain bike cable, with a large barrel at one end
  • Road Shimano — Used with Shimano and SRAM shifter
  • Road Campagnolo

With the different road cables, the Shimano brake cables have a slightly larger barrel. They are both very similar in shape. Some companies like Jagwire make cables for road bikes with barrels on the smaller side, therefore fitting both Shimano and Campagnolo levers.

Generally, brake cables aren't universal, but here at Bikester we have some that are, making it easier to choose.

Rim Brakes vs Disc Brake Pads

With rim brakes having dominated the cycling world for many years, disc brakes are fast taking over - not to say that rim brakes are not without their place in a rider's heart and bike set-up. Let's see if rim brakes can match up to their younger counterparts. Both attached to the frames in different ways, as you can guess from the names.

Rim Brakes

  • Generally, for the road bike user.
  • Split into 3 categories, V-brake, Cantilever, and caliper.
  • Can be tricky to set up
  • More space for error than a disk brake (when setting up)
  • Vital to replace brake pads and cables when needed
  • Lower price range

Disc brakes

  • Hydraulic or mechanical, hydraulic being the best
  • Can be difficult to set up if not experienced
  • Once set up, can provide the most efficient braking performance of any system.
  • No friction and lack of cables (with hydraulics)
  • Higher price range

It is pretty obvious that brakes and brakes components are very important. They help you to stop! Disc or rim, the purpose is to slow down your wheels until they cease from spinning, in scenarios like race corners, traffic, steep descents, traffic lights, or a crazed deer in the road. Modern brakes are a lot more variable and each type of brake, disc or rim, has its own pros and cons.

Right Brakes For Your Frame

A final point to consider — are the brakes you want going to fit your current frame? Some will not take disc brakes due to the fittings on the frame being completely different. But not to worry - depending on your budget you can usually find a way of getting the right brakes you want on your frame with the right adaptions.

What Bikester can offer

Here at Bikester, we have you covered with all the right parts for your braking setup. Take a look at both the disk brakes & accessories and also the rim brakes & accessories to see which will have you stopping safely and efficiently. With Shimano and Jagwire brakes, among many other brands in our collection, we're waiting for you to ride by and stop for a look.