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Brooks England: High-quality leather saddles since 1866
Brooks England: High-quality leather saddles since 1866
Brooks has been crafting its popular first-class bike saddles since 1866. Professional cyclists know how important a good saddle is. However, it isn’t just the Pros who benefit from a comfortable saddle. All regular riders should equip their bikes with quality saddles, as a good one has the power to make or break a beautiful tour. A Brooks leather saddle is the ideal companion for long distances and over rough terrain – making every ride a pleasure.


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Brooks Leather Saddles and Bags for the Ultimate Ride


UK-based tannery Brooks has been in the bicycle game for longer than almost any other company. Founded in 1866, Brooks has been making high-quality leather bike saddles for over 150 years. Today, the company continues to produce top-notch leather saddles that offer superior comfort, durability, and style for any type of ride. In addition, Brooks produces lines of leather bike bags and rucksacks, handlebars, and more to outfit your bike.

Why Choose Brooks?

Every cyclist knows the difference a quality saddle can make to your riding. When it comes to getting the best saddle for your bike, it’s hard to beat Brooks. That’s because Brooks has been refining its saddle designs for over a century, something that almost no other saddle manufacturer can claim. Brooks’ saddles combine the best of both the old and new worlds for cyclists – premium leather construction in contemporary designs to maximise comfort. Cyclists who have used Brooks saddles swear by the company’s attention to detail and the performance that its seats unlock, which is largely why the company has managed to succeed in the cycling world for so long. On top of that, Brooks saddles are among the most durable on the market. Tanned leather retains its cushion and form for many years longer than synthetic saddle materials. To back that up, Brooks offers a 10-year warranty on all of the company’s leather saddles and offers lifetime maintenance and repairs on everything it makes.

Choosing a Brooks Saddle

Brooks has expanded its line of leather saddles as the world of cycling has changed. Today, the company makes not only saddles for high-end road bikes, but also saddles for mountain bikes, commuter bikes, and touring bikes. A range of saddles made of durable composite materials also exists. Brooks’ saddles cover a huge range of styles – you can find designs with cutouts for road riding, wide seats with extra cushion for comfortable commuting, and any style of saddle nose that you prefer. Brooks also makes a series of saddles with coil spring suspension, which are perfect for reducing wear on your body when mountain biking or commuting. Finding the right saddle for your body requires some trial and error, but Brooks’ wide selection ensures that there’s a saddle for everyone. Start out by determining what style of riding you’ll primarily do with your saddle and whether or not you need a sprung suspension system. Then, measure the width of your sit bones to estimate what width of saddle is right for you.

Brooks Bicycle Bags and Rucksacks

Brooks also makes a series of bicycle bags and rucksacks so you can accessorise your ride. Many of Brooks’ seatpost bags and handlebar bags are made of the same high-quality, durable, and beautiful leather as the company’s saddles. Backpacks and rucksacks are available in both leather and canvas designs to meet the needs of a wide variety of urban cyclists.

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