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Shoes for triathlon: great offer online

The website specialises in top-of-the-range products for triathlon training and competing. We are constantly working with industry-leading manufacturers to make sure that you have access to only the best triathlon products - and the shoes are no exception. Discover our extensive collection of triathlon shoes and accessories from well-established brands including Shimano, Northwave, XTENEX and Sidi, among others, which will offer a boost to your performance and comfort during triathlon training and triathlon racing.

Triathlon shoes

Choose the right pair of triathlon shoes for the best results

It goes without saying that the right pair of shoes for triathlon is an essential part of your training and race regime that contributes to your comfort, efficiency and speed. The appropriate pair of shoes can enhance your performance as well as streamline the transition process between each of the three sports: cycling, running and swimming. Triathletes who want to get the best times usually opt for two pairs of shoes, one that is designed for running and one that is engineered for cycling.

The type of running shoe can depend on the length of the race, with cushioned, more supportive trainers that reduce impact when your foot strikes the ground better suited to longer distances. Triathlon running shoes are intended to be lightweight and have a developed drainage and ventilation system to keep your feet as dry and comfortable as possible. You may also choose to not wear socks to reduce time during transitions, in which case, the right pair of running shoes will minimise the risk of blisters and provide plenty of ventilation so that your feet can breathe. Stretch laces with adjustable toggles are ideal for shaving off those all-important seconds off your time, enabling you to quickly slip your shoes on and off, while the toggle can be tightened to keep them firmly fixed on your feet.

For the cycling leg, stiff-soled, clipless bike shoes that can be attached directly to the pedal are a typical choice of many triathletes. They ensure a seamless interface between the shoe and the pedal for better pedalling efficiency and power transmission under heightened pedal loads, while features such as velcro fasteners are optimised for quick changes between the different sports.

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Whether you are competing in your first triathlon or you are a seasoned pro, having the right apparel is key to a successful – and enjoyable – race or training session. At, we offer a wide range of robust triathlon shoes and products that are devised to meet the specific demands and budgets of our customers.

Our portfolio of shoes for triathlons, available from leading manufacturers are designed to contribute towards increasing your power, efficiency and comfort during triathlon training and racing across the different sports and have been engineered from lightweight materials that have a comfortable seamless sock-like fit while running or cycling. They are also fitted with drainage and ventilation systems that dry the shoes out and prevent them from retaining water. You can also buy on elastic laces and laces with locking devices that maximise the time it takes to slip on your shoes as well as make adjustments to hold your laces in place.