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Winter trousers - perfect for cold, wet days
Winter cycling pants are ideal for riders who still ride even during cold weather. They're either slightly lined, wider-cut thermal pants or slightly thicker, tight-fitting lycra pants which are available with or without straps. A roughened surface on the inside and additional windstopper inserts on some pants provide more protection against the cold than you'd expect at first glance. Thanks to clever use of materials, there's hardly any need to compromise on breathability.

Winter Trousers

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VAUDE Minaki Pants Women black
VAUDE Minaki Pants Women black black
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Winter cycling trousers – cold-weather essentials for dedicated cyclists

Colder weather doesn’t have to mean no cycling; in fact, quite the opposite – the winter can offer some extremely rewarding riding and cycling is a great way to stay fit over the festive season! However, with the wrong clothing, winter cycling can be a miserable experience. Thankfully, at we stock a full range of winter cycling trousers for a variety of different applications including road cycling, mountain biking and commuting.

Winter bike trousers

What type of winter trousers are right for me?

The type of winter pants or trousers you need depends entirely on the type of riding you do. Broadly speaking, cycling trousers can be divided into the following three categories:

  • Racing/road cycling
  • Mountain biking, including freeride, downhill, cross-country etc.
  • Everyday use: casual, touring and commuting

Most cycling trousers are made of quick-drying, flexible and tough materials such a polyester, polyamide and nylon, while the fit depends on the intended use.

Within each category, there are a multitude of different options. Let’s take a closer look at each category and see what’s available:

Winter pants and trousers for road cycling

When it comes to pants for winter road cycling, you can assume that they’ll have a snug, racy fit, be aerodynamic and include a cushion for padding on the saddle. The material will likely also be stretchy. There are models for both men and women, and winter pants for road biking are available with several different features:

First, decide if you need ‘bib’ pants (also referred to as ‘bib tights’) – that is, pants with straps over the shoulders, or if you’re happy without. Your next decision should be how warm the trousers need to be - there are pants available with extra heavy insulation and windproofing for super cold days. Pay attention to how thick and insulated the pants are: some models are intended for 5-10 degrees Celsius while others are designed for much colder weather. Finally, decide if you need rainproof coating on the trousers. Brands such a Castelli, Assos & Gore Bike Wear produce a range of road biking pants and there are also ¾-length road cycling trousers available.

Winter pants and trousers for mountain biking

Winter pants for mountain biking also come in many different styles. Available for both men and women, mountain biking trousers very often use wind- and waterproof fabric, perfect for when the trails are super muddy and you want to stay warm and dry. Other models have stretchy material on the lower legs to accommodate shin protectors. Mountain biking trousers usually have a baggier fit that enables great freedom of movement for riding technical trails. Brands such as Fox & Vaude offer a range of great mtb trousers for all occasions.

Everyday use/touring/commuting

If you want a cold-weather cycling trouser that isn’t road or mountain bike-specific, there are also many products available. Usually with a more relaxed fit and less sporty look, common features include (not on all products) windproof material, waterproofing and leg width adjustment. At you’re sure to find the perfect everyday winter cycling trousers from Vaude, Löffler, Shimano, Gonso and several other brands.

Winter bike trousers are

Here at we have a comprehensive range of winter cycling trousers and pants available for all types of riding at extremely competitive prices. Save yourself the trouble of trawling through racks at your local bike shop and check out our large selection. We also offer easy returns and convenient delivery options.