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Whether you are searching for a bike to help you stay fit and active, you want something comfortable to commute on through the city, or two-wheels you can use to go on a longer adventure, Kalkhoff’s stylish bikes are strong, versatile and built to last. With a Kalkhoff bike, you can cycle to work, cycle for fitness or simply for fun, and rest assured that your ride will stand up to the rigours of your environment, while always providing maximum comfort in the saddle.

Kalkhoff city bikes

Kalkhoff: Bikes for every day, touring and fitness

Quality German engineering coupled with innovative technology and design, or ""Made in Germany"", is a conviction by which Kalkhoff lives.

Kalkhoff is one of the oldest and most established bike manufacturing companies in Europe. For more than 90 years, Kalkhoff has developed traditional city and urban touring bikes that meet the demands of cyclists who are looking to go the distance.

The business started in 1919, when 16-year-old postman Heinrich Kalkhoff, upon regularly having to deal with flat tyres on his bike, decided to sell bike tyres and other components from his family home in Cloppenburg in Germany. By 1923, he began to produce bike frames and the Kalkhoff brand was born. By 1936, Kalkhoff had manufactured over 250,000 bikes, making it one of the most successful companies in the region. The brand’s purpose then was the same as now, to provide bicycle lovers with quality bikes that can be as comfortably used around the city as they can off road. In fact, it was the pioneer of developing hybrid bikes that are capable of excellent performance on many different surfaces, including asphalt surfaces and country trails.

Nowadays, Kalkhoff stands for German engineering, innovation and design. With every Kalkhoff city bike and touring bike, experienced engineers design the framework and ensure that the materials used are of the highest quality. The result is flexible, functional and superior designed bikes with frames that are stable, lightweight and durable. With a Kalkhoff bike, you are guaranteed a bike with a long life that can be used on many different kinds of terrain.

Characteristics of Kalkhoff bikes

Kalkhoff city bikes and touring bikes are lightweight, versatile and easy to ride. On the website you can discover their every day and touring bikes. Choose from a range of high-quality, multi-purpose models that incorporate aluminium frames and maximum user comfort, while their elegant and striking designs offer a retro feel. Features such as wide saddles and wide handlebars help the rider to adopt a very comfortable and relaxed posture.

All Kalkhoff products are manufactured at its facilities in Cloppenburg and undergo stringent quality control testing in order guarantee the best quality and durability. As the selection, testing and assembly of each bike takes place in-house, Kalkhoff can proudly claim their products are “Made in Germany”.