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The EVOC Story

In their search for the best trails and powder, the founders of EVOC worked out the two most important factors for outdoor gear: comfort and safety. In 2008, they founded EVOC to develop backpacks with integrated protectors and rugged hydration packs. Their design principles and bombproof construction quickly made EVOC a market leader, and they now make travel, bikepacking and hip packs too.


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EVOC Trail Pro SF 12 Protector Backpack multicolour
EVOC Trail Pro SF 12 Protector Backpack multicolour
Trail Pro SF 12 Protector Backpack multicolour
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EVOC Bags, Packs, and Protection for Every Adventure

When you’re planning on a long day on the road or trail, you need more storage space than a few pockets in your jacket can provide. EVOC understands that need and has designed a wide selection of bags and packs to meet it. EVOC’s backpacks and cycling bags are designed to fit in seamlessly with your ride, so that you won’t even notice you have an extra bag until you need it. Whether you’re just out for the day and need to store food and clothes or travelling the world with your bike, EVOC has a bag for you. In addition, EVOC meets the needs of serious mountain bikers by producing protective apparel to keep you safe in case of a crash. EVOC’s protection gear, like its bags, is designed to be so comfortable as to go unnoticed until you need it.


EVOC Rucksacks and Bags

EVOC’s range of rucksacks, backpacks, and bags is enormous, so you can be sure there’s a pack that will exactly fit your needs. Whether you’re an urban commuter in need of a laptop bag, a mountain biker looking for a durable day pack, or a cyclocross racer in need of a hydration system, EVOC has a bag for the job.

EVOC Hydration Packs

The majority of EVOC’s small daypacks are centred around hydration. EVOC makes a variety of backpacks less than 10 litres in size that are designed to integrate easily with a water bladder and hose for drinking while you ride. Alternatively, EVOC makes compact and comfortable hydration belts that store water and snacks for endurance-focused cycling races.

EVOC Daypacks

EVOC also makes a suite of versatile daypacks that are versatile enough to go from a day of downhilling on steep trails to urban commuting and back. All of EVOC’s daypacks are made from water resistant and highly durable ripstop nylon, as well as feature an air flow contact system to keep your back cool on the hottest days. Daypacks are available in a wide range of sizes to fit any storage needs, up to 30 litres for the longest days of riding.

EVOC Bike Bags

Every cyclist knows that travelling with your bike can be a major pain. But EVOC is making the challenge easier with an innovative set of bike bags that offer protection and manoeuvrability. EVOC bike bags come in two different sizes and there are plenty of options for padding the most essential components of your bike.

EVOC Protection Gear

One of the best ways to protect your body when mountain biking is to don a set of protective armour. EVOC’s innovative apparel designs prove that biking armour doesn’t have to be heavy and uncomfortable – instead, all of EVOC’s protective gear is crafted with ventilation and comfort in mind. Offering shorts, shirts, and vests, EVOC has the crash protection gear you need to stay safe.

EVOC Gear at

The easiest way to find EVOC bags, packs, and protection gear is to shop our huge selection here at We make it easy to filter and sort through EVOC equipment so you can quickly find the gear that’s right for your ride and travel plans.