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Waterproof cycling trousers
Anyone who cycles in the rain or even shortly after a downpour, when the road or trail is still wet, knows how unpleasant soaked trousers are. Rain trousers for cyclists are the practical counterparts to the rain jacket: they're usually wide enough to be worn over trousers and protect against wet legs and buttocks. Everyday cyclists will appreciate the longer versions, which keep normal trousers dry even on a rainy ride to work. Sporty riders who don't want to be deterred from biking in a downpour will also enjoy waterproof shorts, which protect the buttocks and thighs and make great fun of even the muddiest rides.

Waterproof Cycling Trousers

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VAUDE Drop 3/4 Pants Men black
VAUDE Drop 3/4 Pants Men black
Drop 3/4 Pants Men black
RRP £75.99 £69.99
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Gonso Sevo Therm Rain Pants dakota shadow
Gonso Sevo Therm Rain Pants dakota shadow
Sevo Therm Rain Pants dakota shadow
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Gonso Sevo Therm Rain Pants torrando teal
Gonso Sevo Therm Rain Pants torrando teal
Sevo Therm Rain Pants torrando teal
free shipping
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Great selection of waterproof bike trousers

We at Bikester are firm believers in the old saying “there’s no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes”. With this in mind, we do our best to stock a great range of waterproof cycling clothing by brands like Vaude or Endura to get you out on the bike even in the dirtiest of weather. We hope that with the right wet-weather cycling clothing, you’ll enjoy riding even in rainy weather.

The right type of waterproof cycling pants

Waterproof cycling trousers – that is, trousers and shorts – come in a variety of styles. Broadly speaking, they can be divided into the following three categories:

  • Tighter-fitting, aerodynamic waterproof pants (including bibs) for road/racing riders. These usually include a chamois/pad at the backside. The waterproofing on these road bottoms is often only on the front/tops of the legs.
  • Baggy waterproof pants/shorts for MTB use. These usually feature full waterproofing, although obviously if you wear shorts your legs won’t stay completely dry!
  • Regular-fit waterproof trousers for everyday/commuting use, usually designed to be worn over regular trousers. These are usually fully waterproofed and work great if you need to ride in a downpour.
Waterproof bike trousers

Why buy a pair waterproof trousers?

There are cyclists and there are cyclists. For many people, riding the bike is an activity for good weather only. There’s nothing wrong with that – but there are also those who get on the bike irrespective of what the weather forecast says. If you count yourself among the second group, you need the right equipment.

Buying waterproof bike trousers

If you want to buy a pair of waterproof bike trousers or shorts, there are a few things you need to consider:

Fit/Cut: as you’re probably aware, pants/shorts for road cycling usually have a tight and aerodynamic fit, but sometimes tight can be a little too tight. Trousers for mountain biking are generally designed to fit more loosely, but shouldn’t be falling off your body! For commuting, make sure that the pants are roomy enough to fit over your normal work trousers.

As always, pay attention to the sizing information and description on the product page: for example, you will often see warnings advising you to order one size smaller than you usually would. Similarly, you need to check the intended fit and cut of the trousers before buying to make sure they’re exactly what you’re looking for.

Materials: as anyone with lots of experience with waterproofed clothes knows, not all such garments offer the same degree of rain protection. Some garments may be permanently waterproof, while others may require re-waterproofing later down the line. The amount of washes possible before the waterproofing wears out is often listed on the product page.

Also, think about the breathability of the fabric: many items in our web shop have their breathability listed in the specifications – it makes little sense being protected from the rain if you’re dripping in sweat under the garment!

Features: waterproof pants can have features such as built-in reflectors, leg width adjustment, a chamois pad and a variety of pockets. Read the product specifications carefully to avoid ordering a product that isn’t sufficiently equipped (or over-equipped).

Styling: be sure you like the way the trousers look. There’s no point in buying them if you don’t end up wearing them because you don’t like the colour or style, or they’re wrong for the intended area of application.

Waterproof bike pants at

Here at not only do we have a great range of waterproof cycling trousers, but everything else you need for your cycling wardrobe. Enjoy browsing our comprehensive selection in the comfort of your own home without risking disappointment at your local bike shop. We offer extremely competitive prices, speedy delivery, easy returns and straightforward price comparisons.