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Vermont: Bicycles for the whole family
Vermont: Bicycles for the whole family
Are you looking for a robust trekking bike, a safe and child-friendly ride for your offspring or a fast e-bike for your commute? At Vermont, you'll definitely find what you're looking for – at a price that offers superb value for money. This young German brand boasts a team of industry-oriented experts who set new standards with Vermont’s high-quality yet affordable bike models.


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Vermont: family bikes, city bikes & more!

Vermont offers city and trekking bikes that are safe, reliable and child-friendly. This young company combines the knowhow of industry-focused experts with high-level German engineering to produce robust models that set new standards in cycling. On the website, choose from a range of models that are ideal for everyday use, including e-bikes, city bikes, trekking bikes and models specifically designed for children.

Vermont bikes

Product management and design from Germany, high-quality components and frames from the Far East

Vermont is a young and dedicated German bike manufacturer that was started by like-minded industry professionals with one goal in mind – to create a bike brand that would produce affordable yet high-quality bikes suitable for everyone. By only retailing its bikes online, it saves on expensive retail costs, while not cutting back on quality.

The cornerstones of Vermont’s philosophy are its commitment to developing durable and functional bicycles using the best components possible as well as possessing the expertise so as to know what to look for during production – from initial prototyping to the finished product.

The company’s modern, aluminium bike frames are almost exclusively manufactured in the Far East, taking the high-quality, state-of-the-art frame construction this area of the world is known for, and importing it from Asia to Europe. Superior class bike parts are then sourced from established brand manufacturers such as Shimano, Mavic or Sram.

Vermont makes no compromises when it comes to the production or individual assembly of each bike and it keeps this part of the production chain almost exclusively in Europe and, in most cases, in Germany.

Vermont’s focus has been on city and trekking bikes, but they have also gained traction in other categories, such as folding bikes and electric bicycles. So, whether you are searching for a bike to use on your city commute or you prefer to use it to spend your time exploring the forests and fields, there is a Vermont bike for every occasion.

Vermont: bikes for everyone

Depending on how you intend to use your bike, on the website you’ll find Vermont bikes are divided into a few different categories, in order to best suit your needs:

  • Trekking Bikes – all-rounders, these bikes are ideal for most environments, whether you are commuting between home and work or you are mostly riding in nature. With a trekking bike, you have the freedom to choose and do both. As the tires are sturdier than those on a city bike, you can use it on roads that have rougher surfaces and difficult terrain
  • E-bikes – the most convenient of bikes, you do not need to worry about over exerting yourself on uphill climbs and arrive at your destination as fresh as when you left home. This type of bike can also suit older people
  • Vermont City Bikes – when cycling in the city is your primary motive, then a city bike is ideal. With the right bike, you can easily manage busy roads and traffic. Vermont city bikes allow for a comfortable upright position, which also enables cyclists to have good vision
  • Child and youth bicycles – Vermont family bikes come in several different sizes and models to ensure that they fit the child as well as possible