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Orbea Bikes

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Orbea Mountain and Road Bikes for Every Ride

Orbea Bikes

Orbea’s heritage in the foothills of the massive Pyrenees mountains has enabled this Basque company to become one of the most technically innovative bike manufacturers in the world. From road bikes that are optimised for climbing to hardtail and full suspension mountain bikes that can push the boundaries of cross-country rides, Orbea has a bike for almost any ride you could think to do.

Orbea Mountain Bikes

Orbea mountain bikes put an emphasis on speed and control, making them the ideal choice for cross country and general all-mountain riding. While Orbea does offer a selection of full suspension bikes, the company focuses much of its design on improving the tried and true hardtail frame.

Orbea Hardtail Mountain Bikes

Orbea’s hardtail bikes are beloved by entry-level mountain bikers and pro athletes alike. The company makes stiff bikes that maximise power transfer from the pedals to the wheels so that you can climb a few seconds faster and a few degrees steeper than the competition. For all-mountain riders, the versatile MX hardtail line-up offers the perfect combination of control, quality, and affordability. These bikes are available with a wide range of components and wheel sizes, so you can fully customise your bike. Plus, Orbea makes hardtail mountain bikes for kids in the MX line-up. Cross country racers will be drawn to the popular Alma line of hardtail bikes. The monocoque carbon construction makes for one of the lightest, most responsive and most durable hardtail frames on the market. An aggressive seat geometry, slack head angle and short, rigid chainstays add to the responsiveness, allowing Orbea’s Alma bikes superior acceleration compared to the competition.

Orbea Road Bikes

Being so close to the Pyrenees passes that the Tour de France often climbs, it should come as little surprise that Orbea has a long history of producing high-performance road bikes. Orbea’s Avant, Orca, and Ordu road bike line-ups are designed for cyclists who want to push the boundaries of their performance. Orca and Ordu road bikes feature aggressive geometries and extreme responsiveness thanks to the monocoque carbon frame construction and dynamic structure design. The Avant line is similarly responsive but has the added advantage of narrowed tubing and a completely redesigned front fork to maximise aerodynamics on the flats. The Terra line-up features a more relaxed geometry and more affordable price point, making it ideal for recreational cyclists and cyclocross riders. The durable carbon frame and wider wheel dropouts on this line of road bikes also makes it suitable for gravel riding and urban commuting.

Orbea Electric Bikes

Orbea has been at the forefront of the movement towards electric bikes, releasing a line of hardtail e-mountain bikes and a line of e-road bikes. Orbea’s e-road bikes are particularly impressive because they defy the conventional design of e-bikes – you won’t find a visible battery or bulky wiring. Instead, Orbea maintains aerodynamic efficiency and a lightweight frame by downsizing the battery and putting control onto your smartphone.

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