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Ghost Mountain Bikes

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Ghost Mountain Bikes

Globally recognised MTB brand Ghost have been producing high quality, show-stopping bikes since the brand's inception in 1993. This German brand makes some of the best full suspension and hardtail mountain bikes on the market today. Here at Bikester, we've got a great selection of Ghost mountain bikes, electric bikes and much more.

Ghost Kato Essential 27.5 Grey/Black

Ghost Hardtail Mountain Bikes

Constructed to be lightweight and agile, hardtail mountain bikes have long been considered to be introductory mountain bikes. However, MTB racers know that when it comes to cross-country racing, hardtails can be tough to beat.

Because of their lighter frame, pedalling is more efficient. This leaves riders with strength for quick jumps and sharp turns. Racers can quickly complete smooth trail trials and climbs, meaning hardtails almost always come out ahead.

Ghost brings a high-tier stable to the hardtail showroom, with features that will make any rider happy. Along with using only the high-quality materials that we've come to expect from Ghost, their hardtails are simple to maintain.

If you are a rider looking for more shock absorption, Ghost full-suspension bikes provide an exceptional offering.

Ghost Full Suspension Mountain Bikes

Capable and versatile, Ghost full suspension MTBs boast advanced technology and eye-catching aesthetics. Full suspension MTBs tend to be popular among more advanced riders, as well as those who appreciate the increased manoeuvrability.

  • Extra suspension in the back keeps your ride smooth, even when the trail is not.
  • As the suspension decreases vibration, it increases stability. This takes the load off the rider's body, and allows for more speed on the downhills.
  • Technically difficult trails become easier to tackle.

If you happen to be looking for an electric boost on your mountain ride, the Ghost Hybride ASX series fits the bill:

  • The motor handily compensates for the increased weight, so you can tackle your alpine route with energy to spare.
  • With internally routed cables and integrated parts, Ghost has kept the designs clean and sleek.

Meanwhile, Ghost Enduro Bikes are consistently high-performance non-electric mountain bikes. If you'd prefer one of their traditional bikes, Ghost has fleshed out the Riot line with some very attractive models.

  • Excellent engineering turns each pedal push into smooth forward propulsion. This keeps your ride pleasant — even on those tough ascents.
  • A single drive replaces the multi-part gear shifter.
  • Ghost's carefully calibrated tuning system is hard-wearing. This helps keep your bicycle's suspension perfectly tensioned.

Whatever your preference of mountain bike style and technology, Bikester has the know-how to get you set up and cycling the peaks in no time.

More Ghost Bicycles

Mountain bikes aren't the only Ghost bikes on offer, and at Bikester you can check out the whole range including Ghost electric bikes. For longer rides, Ghost touring bikes bring comfort and durability and their gravel bikes can let you switch handily from city to trail.

Finally, to round out the fleet, you can get your littlest cyclists started early. Ghost kids bikes are sturdy and safe, to help them learn with the best.