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Arrive at the office stress-free or ride out to the country on the weekend: Ortler is all about getting more and more people into cycling. The brand designs and develops reliable bikes that offer you an extra dollop of mobility, fitness, riding pleasure and freedom for everyday life. Its product portfolio - whether touring bike, city runabout or e-bike - is as versatile as its owners.

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Ortler Bricktown S sky blue
Ortler Bricktown S sky blue
Bricktown S sky blue
  • Versions: 50cm (28")

Ortler e-bikes & city bikes online

Named after one of the highest peaks in the Eastern Alps, Ortler bikes are gaining a formidable reputation around the world. The company eschews fashionable gadgets and short-lived trends in favour of classic, functional designs. A bike requires only essential parts in order to function – Ortler ensure their bikes are fitted only with the best components. Less is often more.


Featuring only the essential parts

A bike should function flawlessly over a long period of time. It should be ergonomically perfect and feature components that withstand wear over many kilometers. Cycling should be a pleasure and Ortler places great importance on fitting their bikes with first-class quality components.

Designed and made in Germany

With design and bike production taking place in Germany, Ortler is able to tap into a highly skilled and experienced workforce. From the design and planning stages all the way to the finishing touches, high standards are met throughout. Ortler designers draw on years of personal experience when coming up with bike designs.

Style and aesthetics

Most cyclists like their bikes to look at least a little bit stylish. Ortler takes this into consideration when designing their bikes. A functional bike should be great to look at too! Ortler bikes convey simple elegance – matt black powder coatings and a neat overall look.

Ortler Detroit Bikes

Ortler’s Detroit series is something quite special. Based on the classic Dutch bike, these bikes feature a simple design. These are city bikes and for that reason aren’t equipped with gears. This means they’re lightweight and nimble. This wonderfully simple and reliable bike comes in several different colours and is also available in e-bike form.

Ortler deGoya Bikes

The sturdy deGoya bikes are ideal for daily rides and simple cycles. Models for both men and women are available. For extra comfort, the bikes come complete with suspension to protect the spine and joints. The adjustable stem and saddle means riders can tweak the bike to suit their riding style. The high-quality tyres feature puncture protection and reliable grips. All of this means Ortler’s deGoya model is a pleasure to ride!

Ortler Ardeche Bikes

Ortler’s trekking bike model, the Ardeche, is a classic of its genre. Looks can be deceiving and the Ardeche’s restrained design hides the power this bike packs. It boasts easy-to-control riding characteristics allowing cyclists to glide gracefully through all kinds of terrain. The bike comes with a 30-speed Shimano gear system which means hills of all gradients can be tackled with ease. The bike comes complete with puncture-protected tyres, a sturdy luggage carrier and a lighting system.