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Swimming goggles - crystal clear vision underwater
Frequent swimmers will appreciate the advantages of good goggles. Eye protection is desirable when swimming both in- and outdoors, protecting the eyes from chlorine, germs and UV radiation. Googles ensure a clear view even at open water swimming distances. However, if the glasses pinch, steam up or let in water, they'll do more harm than good. Among our wide range of professional swimming goggles, there are models to suit every head shape and nose width. You'll usually find polarized lenses for indoor and outdoor conditions as well as googles with light tints (for indoor use) or dark tints with higher UV protection (for outdoor competition.)

Swimming Goggles

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Swimming goggles to increase your triathlon performance has everything you need for your next sporting adventure, wherever and whatever that may be, and that includes supplying a comprehensive range of swimming goggles suitable for triathlon training and triathlon racing. We stock only the highest-quality brands, whose mission is to put their customers out front and who are constantly developing and improving their products – at the best possible price. At you will find swimming goggles by industry-leading manufacturers i.e. Speedo who have the most reliable products and the latest design innovations, such as Speedo, Zoggs and Arena, among others, and who make designs that are suitable for athletes of all levels and abilities.

Swimming goggles

How to find the perfect swimming googles

Whether you are a hobby triathlete or an experienced pro, the right pair of swimming goggles is key to maximising your performance in the water. Not only do they enhance your visibility in the water, but they are also designed to be pulled on and off quickly and easily, as well as to sit comfortably on your head. If you are not sure what model to choose, there are a few essential pointers to consider:

  • Will you be swimming in the open water or in an indoor swimming pool setting? If swimming out in open water, goggles that feature a clear or lightly tinted lens are advisable because the water is darker than in the brightly lit conditions of an indoor swimming pool
  • If the conditions you are swimming in will be bright and sunny, then consider a pair of mirrored goggles with UV protection that will decrease the glare from sunlight and help to increase visibility
  • For comfort, look for goggles that are fitted with soft and comfortable gaskets and seals (using materials such as soft silicone), which are designed to distribute the pressure evenly across the head and to also reduce the need to adjust your straps during your swim leg, which can add on unwanted seconds to your time
  • Wide or dual straps are engineered to distribute the pressure over a wider area and can also withstand the pressure of the water and movement of the water and other swimmers around you to stay in place

Perform better, buy your swimming goggles on

At, we cover a whole spectrum of swimming goggles from reliable and high-quality brands. We strive to offer our customers the best-quality models, latest designs and deals that put the needs of our customers first and make swimming at triathlon level accessible for everyone. From simple, everyday models to the latest innovations on the market, our products are suited to your unique needs, whether you are swimming for pleasure, swimming in an indoor pool or outside in the open water. Additionally, we stock swimming goggles for children, so that even the youngest swimmer can start to build their confidence underwater. By finding the right pair of goggles, the right materials, headbands and features, your new goggles can help you to achieve the results you want, while not compromising on your comfort, resistance and agility in the water.