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Heart Rate Monitoring & GPS Watches
This category has activity trackers, GPS watches, and heart rate monitors to help you plan and record your training and activities. They range from watches that monitor your heart rate and motion all the way through to fully-fledged triathlon devices that pair with chest straps. Heart rate monitors for triathletes have to perform a lot of different functions under a lot of different conditions. They have to provide accurate data for swimming, cycling and running at the same time as being immersed in water, sweat and being able to last for long periods of time. Many of these devices are also smartwatches too, with messaging alerts, payment option and music so you can get out of the house with a minimum of extra gear.

Heart Rate Monitors

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Heart Rate Monitors to Track Your Effort

Heart Rate Monitors

Keeping track of your heart rate during workouts can unlock your potential. Whether you’re cranking out intervals or tackling a long, difficult climb, knowingwhat your heart is doing can help you decide when to take it easy and when to push on. More importantly, monitoring your heart rate across your entire training regimen can help you pick up on patterns, train smarter, and figure out what workouts are contributing the most to your fitness.Ready to make the switch to training with heart rate data? There are plenty of affordable heart rate monitors that can help.

Choosing a Heart Rate Monitor

The way that most cyclists keep track of their heart rate is with an activity tracker on their wrist. That could be a small tracker that just monitors heart rate, or it could be a fully integrated smartwatch that offers GPS, interval timing, and other integrations.Because of that, it’s important to think about what else you want, in addition to heart rate monitoring, from the data centre on your wrist. Combining heart rate data with cadence or power sensors on your bike is an extremely powerful integration for monitoring training. Or, you can use GPS to match up your heart rate to speed and workout distance. Ultimately, what features you need in your heart rate monitor comes down to your goals as an athlete and what data you find useful. Just remember that more data never hurts, since you don’t have to use all of the functions your smartwatch provides.

Heart Rate Monitoring Methods

Importantly, there are a couple different methods you can use to monitor your heart rate. They differ in convenience and accuracy, so this should be an important factor when choosing a hear rate monitor.Chest strap monitors actually go around your chest and measure your heartbeat directly. That information is then beamed wirelessly to your watch (via ANT+ or Bluetooth) so you can look at the data as you’re working out. The advantage to chest strap monitoring is that it’s very accurate. But, some athletes find chest straps to be uncomfortable and it’s one more piece of gear to worry about.Many smartwatches measure your pulse instead of your heartbeat. These watchesusually have a sensor that goes against your wrist, although some require you to place your finger on a sensor – which is hard to do while you’re actively moving.Unfortunately, while pulse monitoring on your wrist is convenient, it’s nowherenear as accurate as chest strap monitoring.

Heart Rate Displays

One more thing to consider is what kind of information you can get about your heart rate in real time. Some smartwatches only display your heart rate in beats per minute. That’s more helpful than having no information, but it doesn’t tell youmuch about your effort.More advanced heart rate monitors can display your average heart rate or allow you to dig into intensity information by displaying your heart rate as a percentage of your maximum. Some watches even have preset heart rate zones, so you cantrack your workout according to time spent at each effort level.

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