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HAIBIKE E-Bikes for the Road and Trail


HAIBIKE was an early pioneer of e-bike technology, introducing both the first fully off road-capable e-mountain bike and the first 29-inch e-mountain bike. Since then, the German bike manufacturer has continued to push the boundaries of what e-bikes – and their riders – are capable of. Today, HAIBIKE is renowned amongst cyclists for producing high-end e-mountain, e-touring, and e-hybrid bikes.


All of HAIBIKE’s e-bikes are split into two broad classes: SDURO and XDURO. The SDURO e-bike class is for “sporty” riders who want comfort, power, and quality at a friendly price point. All of HAIBIKE’s hardtail e-mountain bikes are classified as SDURO, as are most of the manufacturer’s e-hybrid and e-touring bikes. The XDURO e-bike class is for “extreme” riders who plan on using their electric assist to climb steeper mountains and to travel further and longer. XDURO bikes are built with high-torque Bosch or Yamaha motors that offer superior acceleration, control and longevity. The XDURO class is primarily reserved for HAIBIKE’s premium enduro and cross-country e-mountain bike models.

HAIBIKE E-Mountain Bikes

HAIBIKE pioneered the 29-inch e-mountain bike, and today the company offers a diversity of both 27.5-inch and 29-inch electric assist hardtail and full suspension models. On all of these e-mountain bikes, you’ll find a custom-designed SkidPlate over the electric assist motor to help protect your ride from rocks, gravel and mud. Hardtail mountain bikes are available with either Suntour or RockShox suspension forks with travel distances up to 120 mm. Disc brakes are paired with the powerful e-assist motor to give you the most precise control over your bike for navigating challenging terrain. HAIBIKE full suspension e-mountain bikes are among the highest quality bikes you can take to the mountains. On these models, premium RockShox suspension systems dominate over Suntour components and you’ll find options for suspension forks with up to 200 mm of travel. HAIBIKE remains one of the few e-bike makers to offer 29-inch full suspension e-mountain bikes, although all of these are built as SDURO models.

HAIBIKE E-Touring and E-Hybrid Bikes

HAIBIKE’s e-touring and e-hybrid bikes are designed for a wide range of road cyclists, urban bike commuters and recreational riders. All of these bikes match high-performance Bosch and Yamaha motors with disc brakes and versatile gearing so that you can get the most control out of your ride. HAIBIKE e-touring bikes come fully ready for commuting or multi-day trips with rear racks. You’ll find more aggressive road frame geometries than on the company’s e-hybrid bikes, but flat handlebars for comfort over long days in the saddle. E-hybrid bikes from HAIBIKE are designed to be versatile workhorses. Whether you want to use the bike for urban commuting, riding around your city, or even for exploring off-road on gravel and dirt, HAIBIKE e-hybrid bikes offer the power, control, and comfort you need.

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The best way to find the perfect HAIBIKE e-bike for your riding style and goals is to shop our wide selection at We carry hardtail and full suspension e-mountain bikes, as well as e-touring and e-hybrid bikes from HAIBIKE. Plus, we include free shipping and a 100-day return policy with every HAIBIKE electric assist bike.