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Bicycle bells are not just helpful, but in many countries are actually legally required too. A good bell will make pedestrians, other riders, and road users aware of your presence near them and is, therefore, a key part of your safety equipment. From traditional brass bells to discrete 'ring' bells that don't look out of place on your full carbon racing bike, we have all styles here.

Bike Bells

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Bike Bells

A quality bicycle bell is an absolute safety essential. Bike bells enable cyclists to alert other bike riders and pedestrians to their presence, preventing collisions.

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The bicycle bell has been around since the mid-to-late 19th century, and its design and purpose has hardly changed over those 150 years. Nevertheless, there are now a number of styles to choose from that add a unique and individual touch to any bike's look.

Shop for high-quality bike bells at Bikester, and choose from traditional or contemporary styles, as well as twist bells, mini bells and horns. Discover a range of bells that are specifically designed for children, as well as bells designed for electric bikes.

Why Do We Need Bicycle Bells?

Any cyclist knows just how important it is to have a functioning bicycle bell. In fact, these small — but vital! — bike accessories are actually compulsory in many European countries. In countries where bells are not mandatory, they remain strongly recommended.

Bicycle bells are a necessary accessory for cyclists who ride on roads, as well as those who use country paths popular with walkers and other cyclists. The main purpose of a bike bell is to alert other cyclists and pedestrians to your presence. A clearly ringing bicycle bell is also helpful when cycling along tight paths with hidden corners such as canal towpaths. Bells on bikes keep everyone (including the cyclist themselves) safer, as well as any other road or path users.

Shopping For the Perfect Bicycle Bell

We know just how important it is to have a high-quality, durable and well-functioning bell for your bike. That's why you'll always be able to find a huge range of bike bells from top brands here at Bikester. Make sure you choose a bell that fits snugly and securely to your handlebar. Always follow the instructions included with your bell to fit it safely and securely. Ask us for help if you're unable to fit this safety essential yourself.

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Thumb-operated percussion bells are a consistently popular and traditional choice. These bells are not only easy to operate, but they also emit a familiar and loud ringing sound. Increasingly popular, however, are twist bells, which emit a longer, sonorous sound.

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Traditional bike horns are another evergreen option, not least because they can create a very loud warning sound! Old-fashioned horns also add a delightfully vintage aesthetic to your bike. A horn should always be fitted on the side of the less-dominant hand. This is because the horn requires the cyclist to remove their entire hand from the handlebar.

Stylish options

When it comes to choosing a bike bell at Bikester, you can ride out in style. Choose from a variety of colours, including black, metallic, and patterned bells. You'll also find both matte and shiny finishes. Bicycle bells are available in a range of sizes as well.

Shop for bike bells at Bikester where you can find a wide range of bike accessories, as well as an impressive selection of bikes, frames and wheels. Essential accessories include high-quality mudguards, u-locks, mirrors and bike stands.