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DT Swiss HU 1900 Spline Front Wheel 27.5" Disc CL 35mm 15x110mm TA

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Unfortunately the desired product is currently sold out

Product description

DT Swiss HU 1900 Spline Front Wheel 27.5" Disc CL 35mm 15x110mm TA

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The reinforced components of the HU 1900 SPLINE have been designed, developed and tested to meet the special requirements of wheels for e-touring bikes. With an approved maximum system weight of 180 kg, this wheelset is BUILT TO LAST and ensures drive and braking torque strength, especially at higher total weight. The hybrid utility wheels thus set the standard for a durable, urban and trekking wheelset, as especially e-touring bikes are increasingly able to carry heavier loads, are driven over longer distances and this often in the
daily use.

Hybrid Upbuild
Electric bikes and their uses continue to evolve and become more diverse. At high altitudes in the mountains, on unpaved trails, or during daily commutes with fully loaded bags in the city: the demands on these types of bikes and their components are many and varied. This expansion of the e-bike category and areas of use requires a corresponding adaptation of the components. DT Swiss, as a pioneer in the manufacture of e-bike specific components, has introduced the Hybrid Upbuilt range accordingly. Hybrid Upbuilt is the answer to the increased demands of the users to their electric bikes.

Reinforced rims
When the total weight of the system (bike plus rider) is high on a less than ideal surface, the rims can permanently deform while riding. This exposes the rim and spoke to dynamic loads, which are counteracted by the rim and spoke tension. This means that the more the rim is deformed, the more dynamic stress is exerted on the spoke holes, thus affecting the durability of the rim and thus the wheel.

The combination of laboratory tests based on real recorded loads and the latest FEM analysis has shown that the rim height has a positive and strong influence on the overall durability of the rim and thus the wheel. The larger the rim cross-section, the higher the stiffness of the rim and thus the resistance to deformation even under greater loads. For the HU 1900 SPLINE DT Swiss developed an extremely durable rim with relatively low weight.

Reinforced spokes
When it comes to dynamic stress, the same logic that applies to the rim also applies to the spoke head: under high load, the spoke heads experience continuous dynamic stress. To address this potential weakness, DT Swiss has reinforced the spoke head to 2.34 mm to ensure resistance even with a high total system weight. The initial tension of the spokes also plays an important role. Therefore, it is important that a certain spoke tension is maintained in every driving situation to keep the peak load on the individual components of the wheel low. Therefore, a precise
and expert wheel construction is of utmost importance. All DT Swiss wheels are assembled 100% by hand to pay special attention to the tension of the spokes.

Hub body & freewheel system
Due to the battery and motor, e-touring bikes usually weigh more than conventional touring bikes in the same category. The reinforced hub body provides better resistance to the higher drive torques of the motors and the higher braking torques that occur due to the additional weight on modern e-touring bikes. These factors improve the strength and reliability of the hub. Torque from the motor and crank is transmitted through the chain to the cassette and then to the freewheel hub shell. To withstand these moments, the hybrid freewheel systems are made of hardened special steel. Compared to conventional aluminum freewheel hub housings, the hardened special steel offers greater static strength. It also has higher fatigue strength. This means that even after a high number of load changes and high peak loads due to acceleration, the steel freewheel system has better resistance to small traces of wear and abrasion on its surface.

At a glance

Axle standard
Axle standard
Designed for E-Bikes
Designed for E-Bikes
Size (In Inches)
Size (In Inches)
27.5 inches
constructed for Brake type
constructed for Brake type
Centre Lock disc brake
constructed for Brake type
constructed for Brake type


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Designed for E-Bikes:
Main Information
Axle system:
Front Wheel 15 x 110 mm
Axle standard:
Hollow chamber
Profile Height:
Low (< 30 mm)
tire type:
Braking system:
Disc Brake
Valve Chamber:
8,5 mm
tubeless ready:
Internal width:
35.00 mm
Size (In Inches):
27.5 inches
Front Hub
Installation Width (mm):
110 mm
Axle Diameter Front (mm):
15 mm
For thru-axle
Rear Hub
Sprocket Type:
Front Wheel
constructed for Brake type:
Centre Lock disc brake
1,114.00 g
Rear Wheel
constructed for Brake type:
Scope of Delivery
1 x DT Swiss HU 1900 Spline front wheel 27.5" Disc CL 35 mm 15 x 110 mm TA incl. TL tape 37 mm, TL valve MTB 32 mm
Model Year
Article number
Manufacturer article number

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