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Mini Pumps - Helpers on the Move
Mini pumps need to be small when they are not being used, and when they are needed, they need to be powerful – it is a balancing act! They must fit in your jersey pocket, with a frame holder, or in a frame bag. In case of punctures on the road, mini pumps are indispensable helpers to continue the ride. For road bikes, up to 8 bar pressure may be necessary. With wide MTB tires, less pressure is needed, but a larger volume must be filled. Racing cyclists will then pay particular attention to a precisely manufactured casing and high-pressure values. For mountain bikers, longer pumps can be more suitable to pump more air into the tire with each stroke. Usually, mini pumps can be used for all types of valves by repositioning a valve part or have a double valve head for car and racing valves.

Mini Pumps

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