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Tubeless tyre pumps: make tubeless installation a breeze!
Tubeless tyres are becoming more and more popular with road, gravel and mountain bikers. Tubeless systems are less prone to punctures; the tyres are lighter, small punctures seal quickly and rolling resistance is lower. If you want to put a tight-fitting tubeless-ready tyre on your rim for the first time, you'll need sealant, tubeless rim tape, tubeless valves and a special tubeless pump. It's virtually impossible to inflate a tubeless tyre with a normal hand pump. With a good floor pump, it can work, but with a tubeless pump, the first inflation is almost guaranteed to succeed. Tubeless pumps generate extremely high pressure in a short time so that the tyre quickly settles onto the rim and no more air can escape. Then just distribute the sealing milk evenly in the tyre and you're golden!

Tubeless Pumps

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