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Wall and ceiling mounts for bikes
If you don't want to simply put your bike in the cellar or lean it against the wall, but rather hang it on the wall to save space and yet always have it within easy reach, you'll find practical and sometimes very stylish holders for bike storage. From simple variants which hang the bike by its front wheel to living room-suitable variants such as the Cycloc, which displays the bike like an object of art - there's a variant for almost every space. Get a clean, practical and space-saving alternative to the dusty cellar.

Wall & Ceiling Mounts

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Bike ceiling mounts, wall mounts & bike telescopic support

Short on space? When you’re not out and about on your bike, it’s important to have a safe place to store it. However, it is not always practical to have your bike taking up room inside your home. With the range of vertical storage mounts, we offer a number of solutions for storage that both facilitate and simplify your storage needs. Easy to mount, these storage options do not take up any space, meaning you can easily hang up your bike and store it out of the way, with zero hassle. These bike mounts are not only practical, but they also make your bike a stylish accessory to your interior décor too.

Bike mounts

Ceiling and wall mounts answer the question of how to store your bike

If you own a bike, storage is a basic requirement. Anyone who has tripped over their bike at home knows that they’re not the easiest things to store. However, leaving it outside locked to a bike rack or up against a wall in your garden isn’t necessarily the best solution. You expose it to the weather and environmental elements, which can erode the frame and the bike’s components, and furthermore, you put it in the path of potential thieves.

With the right kind of bike mount or support, you can quickly and easily store your bike fuss free inside your home, without taking up space – and what’s more, they look stylish too! They have revolutionised the way we store our bikes and there are many different models out there that fall into the following categories:

  • A vertical wall mount is a storage option that is fixed to the wall and holds your bike either vertically or horizontally off the floor - so it saves you floor space too. They often come with nifty features such as pads to keep your wheels from dirtying the wall and foldable arms for compact storage when no bike is attached
  • Bike ceiling mounts are innovative mounts that are fixed to the ceiling – ideal for when you wish to store your bike in a storage space at home, like a garage or shed. Depending on the model, you can either store one or multiple bikes
  • A bike telescopic support (or stand up support or bike tower support) is a free-standing storage pole that can be adjusted to hold more than one bike

Bike wall and ceiling mounts – optimise your bike storage

The website has the answer to your storage dilemmas. There is a comprehensive range of bike accessories that are designed to help you get the most out of your ride. When it comes to choosing the right way to store your bike, you can choose from a range of different hard-wearing solutions from top brands such as Cycloc, Pro Star and Topeak and many more. High performance bike ceiling mounts, bike wall mounts and bike telescopic supports are engineered to securely support different loads and make storing your bike so much easier.