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Bike trailers for transporting children
Travelling via bicycle with kids is a breeze. You just need to choose the right child seat or bicycle trailer. Nowadays, more and more young families rely on trailers to transport their children. Why? Because even the youngest enjoy safe and comfortable rides in these special trailers - and are less prone to falls. As an added bonus trailers can usually be converted into practical strollers with the help of a front wheel. They usually offer sufficient storage space for toys, blankets, diapers and everything else kids may need (in addition to the child seat). With the help of a coupling a child trailer can be used with most bicycles without any problems. All our child trailers meet strict safety standards for use in road traffic.

Kids Trailers

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Kid’s Trailers for Biking with the Whole Family

Kids Trailers

Just because you’ve got children who are too young for bikes of their own, it doesn’t mean you have to stay at home or abandon your bike. Attaching a kid’s trailer to your bike gives you the freedom to ride while bringing your child in tow behind you. There are many options for bringing a child along with you on your bike, but kid’s trailers provide an optimal balance of safety, comfort for your child, and versatility for many types of rides.

Choosing the Right Kid’s Trailer

When it comes to finding the perfect trailer to tow your children behind your bike, there are a lot of options to consider. Let’s take a look at some of the most important things you need to think about when choosing a kid’s trailer:

How Many Children Do You Have?

Children’s bike trailers are designed to fit either one or two children. If you have two kids or expect another child in the near future, it makes sense to opt for a double trailer. Kids double trailers will be extra wide, so you’ll need to be even more careful when riding on busy roads.It’s also important to keep in mind that most kid’s trailers are rated for childrenwho are at least one year old. Thule offers infant inserts for their Chariot trailerseries, but not all experts are convinced that these inserts are safe for childrenyounger than 12 months.

Weather-Ready Designs

If you ride in hot summer weather or on rainy days, you’ll need to think about theweather-ready adaptations of your bike trailer. You may not mind the rain, but youprobably don’t want your child getting wet with spray from your rear wheel.Most kid’s trailers offer some type of rain flap, although how well these work at keeping the trailer interior dry varies widely. In heavy rain, the only rain flaps that will prevent water from getting in are those that extend all the way to the footbedof the trailer. Also be sure to check the material on the underside of the trailer – if this isn’t waterproof as well, moisture can seep in from underneath.In hot weather, ventilation is key. Look for trailers with mesh-covered openings that promote air circulation as well as trailers that offer awnings or sunshades thatextend over the front of the trailer.

Riding Conditions

Like bikes themselves, kid’s trailers are often specialised for different types of riding. While any trailer can handle quick jaunts around town, if you plan to do any serious road or off-road biking you’ll need to find a trailer that can handle these rides. For road riding, look for trailers that have maximum rated speeds of around 30-40 km/h and relatively low weights. For gravel and trail riding, you’ll want a trailer with wheels that are at least 20” in diameter and that is durable enough to handle a lot of vibration.

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The best way to get a trailer for riding with your children is to shop our wideselection at We carry both one and two-child trailers and make it easy to find the perfect trailer for your family rides. Plus, we offer free shippingand a 100-day return policy on all kid’s bike trailers.