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Santa Cruz Bicycles

Santa Cruz Mountain bikes

Founded in 1993 by former skateboarder Rob Roskopp, the Californian company Santa Cruz Bikes manufactures high-end mountain bikes. Carbon fibre and aluminium frames are two of the most essential features. In addition, various suspension technologies, versatile use and attention to detail make Santa Cruz Mountain bikes the perfect bikes. At Bikester you can find everything you need!

Santa Cruz 5010 C XT in red

Quality bikes for all ages

Do you enjoy a challenge? Then the Santa Cruz 5010 is the perfect bike for you. Apart from turning obstacles into challenges, it brings fun to every trail. With its agile and lightweight character, it is a joy to ride. Both angular and straightforward, the company leaves no stone unturned.

The fun-oriented wheel size is smaller than other bikes, offering an ideal balance of strength and weight savings. In addition, this makes the bike extremely light and manoeuvrable, whether you're jumping over logs or navigating around logs. With its agile character, the 5010 has become the favourite toy of progressive riders worldwide and the secret star of home trails.

Santa Cruz design

Santa Cruz goes into great detail to satisfy the needs of everyone, maximizing traction and efficiency. With its relatively flat steering angle and low bottom bracket, the bike is easy to control. It rides confidently and reliably, but it remains agile and allows you to jump off at any time, thanks to the short chain.

Childhood memories

With the super low stand-over height, it feels (almost) like the BMX of your childhood. Santa Cruz mountain bikes grow with your needs. Santa Cruz has tailored the geometry to the size of the frame, and the length of the chain-stay increases with the size of the frame. Maybe it sounds a little too nostalgic, but the 5010 is the perfect introduction to the big, fun world of Santa Cruz mountain biking.

Bike range and accessories from Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz believes that you have to love riding bikes to design good bikes! Therefore, the company creates the best mountain bikes and accessories. These are top-class mountain bikes with top quality features, including space in the mainframe for your water bottle and a small mudguard to keep you clean.

Bikes designed and built by riders

All Santa Cruz bikes are designed by excellent engineers who are, first and foremost, riders who love to ride - from the salespeople to the paint shop to the frame builders to the packers. All share a passion for cycling at a reasonable level! With a world-class laboratory in California, highly skilled specialists can test different carbon fibre layups to find the perfect balance between durability, flex and damping.

The bikes of enthusiasts and professional riders

Santa Cruz have invested time and money to ensure their bikes last forever. Therefore, you won't need to waste time and money searching for spare parts, as all bikes are extremely resistant and come with a lifetime guarantee. With a light suspension and a trim frame, you will be able to transform your input into record performances.

Besides, with a large assortment of mountain bikes ranging from Santa Cruz full suspension mountain bikes to Santa Cruz Hightower bikes, the company offers excellent quality to suit most needs. If you are looking to buy a top-quality bike that can provide outstanding results, then look no further.