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Children's bicycles & vehicles
Children's bicycles: Fun on wheels
From your child’s very first balancing attempts to their first independent bike tour, cycling is a long and wonderful journey. In order to help young cyclists on their way, we offer a very comprehensive range of child-friendly bikes, balance bikes and trikes. In the spirit of promoting all-round fun on two (or three!) wheels, we also offer everything from toy vehicles for your little ones to teen-suitable scooters and longboards.

Childrens & Youth Bikes

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Youth and kids bikes

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Childrens bicycles do not differ wildly from grown-up bicycles - except of course that everything is a bit smaller! However, there are some crucial things to consider when buying a bike for your child.

Childrens bicycles must be clearly visible to other road users and a good and functioning lighting system is a must. Furthermore, the brakes should be adjusted to be safe for a child. Childrens bicycles should also be easy to maintain and sturdy enough to withstand plenty of use!

Youth and kids bikes

Our online childrens bike shop offers customers a wide range of affordable kids bicycles. Childrens bicycles are more than just small bikes; they have important features and functions that are specially designed for smaller cyclists.

They should be light and maneuverable yet sturdy and strong enough to handle all kinds of stresses and strains. Bike components can come under a lot of stress – particularly rear racks – and kids bikes must be able to withstand heavy use.

Childrens bicycles should be easy to use and most importantly be safe!

The sprockets and chain must be well protected and the brakes must be adjusted to suit the child in order to prevent accidents and injuries.

A child's bike must be visible even in the dark. Bright paint, reflectors and a solid lighting system are therefore a must. Age and gender-specific designs and details are important: kids place a lot of importance on this!

Determine the correct wheel size for your child

Childrens bicycles are not measured by frame height in centimeters, but rather by wheel diameter in inches, depending on the size of the child. For very young children, starting from 2 years old, Bikester offers beginner 12-inch bikes with stabilisers, chain protectors and boxes for toys. For bigger kids there are similar bikes with wheel diameters of 16 and 18 inches. The right size is important! Oversized bikes are not only uncomfortable, but also unsafe. Similarly, very small bikes can be damaged by a child who is too heavy.

Are you looking to buy a new kids bike?

A bike can provide many hours of entertainment for your children. Whether it’s a functional bike for city trips, an indestructible mountain bike or a speedy road bike, at we’ve got everything you need!