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Urban bikes: Speed & style in the city
Urban bikes: Speed & style in the city
Living or working in the big city and looking for the right mix of speed and style? Then modern urban bikes are an attractive alternative to the classic city bike. The wide range of urban bikes available varies from sporty-fast bikes with 28” racing tyres, straight bars and disc brakes to compact 20” space-saving wonders for hopping off the road and onto public transport, to modern interpretations of the Dutch bike; ideal for shopping and hitting the local ice cream parlour.

City Bikes

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City Bikes – the perfect way to get around town

People living in cities have always faced issues with commuting. Although there are many options for getting to work or school, many are less than ideal: driving to work means having the expense of owning and running a car, which is bad for the environment and clogs the streets. Using public transport can also be expensive, crowded and dirty. Thank god, then, for bicycles – objectively the most pleasant way to get aroundtown. The bicycle is the perfect urban transport: you don’t get stuck in traffic, you stay fit, it’s good for the environment and you look good riding one. What’s not to like?

When choosing a bike for the city, your options are plentiful. But where should you start? Read on for ashort summary of the various types of city bikes available together with a few tips for selecting the right bike for you.

What exactly is a city bike and what types are available?

Simply put, a city bike is a bike that gets you about town. There are no hard and fast rules for which type of bike you should buy for the city, although a city bike should be practical, sturdy and reliable.

Below you can find some information about the different types of city bikes available at

Dutch Bikes

Dutch bikes make great city bikes. Their step-through frame design makes mounting and dismounting easy, and the upright seating position gives you a great view of the traffic ahead. Most Dutch bikes also come with dynamo lighting systems, mudguards and rear racks – all very practical features for the city. The vibe isn’t for everyone and they aren’t the lightest bikes available, but they are a sensible choice for all-weather city riding.However, you probably wouldn’t want to do a long commute on one.

Single-Speed Bikes

For many, a single speed is the ideal city bike: they’re light, uncomplicated, reasonably-priced and look cool. For flatter cities, you may find that one gear is all you need, and it means there’s much less on the bike to go wrong. Be aware that some single-speeds can’t accommodate mudguards or other accessories, making them better suited to shorter journeys or summer riding.

Dedicated City Bikes

Aside from Dutch bikes and single-speeds, we also carry bikes that are purposely designed for city use. Features include low-maintenance internal gearing, dynamo lighting, mudguards and rear luggage racks. More versatile than single-speeds yet lighter and more maneuverable than a Dutch bike, this type of city bike is also able to handle longer excursions out of town. Many city bikes are available in both trapeze (step through) and diamond frame shapes.

E-city bikes

E-city bikes offer the comfort and convenience of a city bike with the added benefit of a motor-assisted drive train. This can be great if your city riding includes hills, carrying shopping or you’re simply not quite as strong a rider as you once were.

Just like regular city bikes, e-city bikes usually have a range of practical features that make them perfect gotriding about town: mudguards, dynamo lighting systems and rear racks. E-city bikes are also available withtrapeze or diamond-shaped frames.

Folding bikes

For many, a folding bike is the ideal city bike. They can easily be brought on public transport, compactly stored at home and the smaller wheels mean faster accelerating out of city traffic. Many models come equippedwith city-friendly features such mudguards, internal gearing and even a rear luggage rack.

What to bear in mind when choosing a city bike?

Price:With a model available for every budget, buying a decent, affordable city bike has never been easier. However, the old adage ‘you get what you pay for’ still rings true, so we therefore recommend spending the most money you can or even saving up a little more to increase your budget. A more expensive bikeusually equals better parts, meaning components last longer and you save money on repair costs in the long run.

Appearance:Looks aren’t everything, but they do count for something. Decide if youprefer a retro aesthetic or want something more minimalist and urban-looking. Remember that a flashy bike is also more attractive to bike thieves.

Features:We’ve already covered features in some detail, but it’s worth reiterating that it really pays off to have certain equipment on a bike intended for commuting and using in the city – namely mudguards and dynamo lighting. There’s nothing worse than arriving to work with your backside covered in rainwater and your shoes soaking wet. Similarly, dynamo lighting systems mean you don’t worry about having enough battery power in your lights and can always see where you’re going on the darkest of winter mornings/evenings.

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Here at Bikester we stock an extensive range of city bikes for all budgets and tastes. Don’t risk a disappointing visit to your local bike shop today when you can shop from the comfort of your own home. We offer a 100-day back guarantee, speedy shipping and great after-sales customer service.