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Dutch bikes: Worldwide city bike classics
Dutch bikes: Worldwide city bike classics
Roll through life on your Dutch bike. Comfort is king here – not hectic activity. Enjoy the nostalgia of traditional lugged-steel frames. The low entry and high-adjustability of the handlebar and saddle ensure that almost every rider can enjoy a comfortable fit and upright seating position. The equipment of these Dutch bikes also follows tried and tested patterns. As a rule, manufacturers rely on a combination of hub shift, brake pedal and fully closed chain case. Instead of the lateral dynamo of today, a hub dynamo usually operates the lighting system, but this concession to modern technology is a welcome one. Their great popularity in the cities clearly shows that the classic Dutch bike model is far from ready for the scrap-heap yet.

Dutch Bicycles

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Dutch Bicycles for Commuting in Comfort and Style

What are Dutch Bikes?

Popular in the Netherlands, where the bicycle is the main way of getting around the city, these bicycles are perfectly suited for everyday use. But what is a Dutch style bike? It is a perfect model for everyday city rides. The frame is traditional and has a more upright seat that respects the natural curve of the back. They are usually made of steel or aluminium and are equipped with a rigid fork and 28-inch wheels. Another special feature of Dutch bikes is the integration and protection of the components. Everything in these bikes is designed to ensure the rider's comfort. The curved handlebars offer a comfortable grip and allow you to ride in a more upright and relaxed position, the saddle is wide and has thick padding. Also of note are the wide and comfortable tyres, usually beige in colour for a stylish touch. Like any city bike it has everything the city cyclist needs on a daily basis: mudguards, quality lights, a hub with dynamo, a rear rack, a front basket or a wheel cover.


Dutsch Style Bikes at Bikester

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Dutch bicycles are a style of urban commuting bikes that have been used in the Netherlands for decades and have grown in popularity in cities around the world. These bikes have a surprisingly tall frame, which allows the rider an excellent view of the road in front of them. Better yet, many Dutch bicycles feature a step-through frame that allows you to swing a leg over no matter how formal your work clothes are.Traditional Dutch bicycles were mainly single-speed bikes with steel frames – there are few hills in Dutch cities, so there was little need for adaptations for climbing and descending. In the same vein, most Dutch bicycles were made with coaster brakes rather than rim brakes.You can still get Dutch bikes with those features, but they’re no longer a requirement. Today, you can find Dutch bikes made from aluminium to reduce their weight, as well as options for gearing. Coaster brakes remain popular, but roller brakes and V brakes are also available for many models.

What is special about a Dutch bike?

For one thing, comfort. Dutch bikes have a step-through frame that allows you to get on and off the saddle with ease. The riding position is not only higher, but also respects the natural curve of the back and the padded seat ensures optimal comfort. In addition, they are equipped with everything a cyclist could want: quality lights, a storage rack, a kickstand and much more.

How to Choose a Dutch Bicycle?

When choosing a Dutch bicycle, you’ll want to blend the original style of these bikes with the requirements of the city where you live. Remember that theNetherlands is flat – if you live in a hilly city, a heavy steel frame with no gears may not be all that practical. In that case, you’ll need to find a Dutch bike with a few modern adaptations.On top of that, there are a few other things to consider:

  • Rear Rack - Most, but not all, Dutch bicycles come as standard with a rear rack so that you can add panniers or strap down bags of yourown. If you plan on using your bicycle for commuting or running errands, a rearrack is a huge plus.
  • Frame Shape - Traditional Dutch bikes were built with a wave-shaped frame, which dips down in front of the seatpost so that you can step over the bike easily. But, some modern designs offer a diamond frame, which is much more similar to the shape of many road bikes. This is harder to step over, but it does allow you a more aggressive riding position, which can be helpful if your urban riding includes hills.
  • Aesthetic - The Dutch style is one of the biggest draws to this style of bicycle, so it’s well worth getting a frame that you’re excited about. Many Dutch bicycles come in pastel colours or with artful decorations on the frame and chain casing.

Dutch Bicycles at

Dutch bicycles can be hard to find at your local bike shop if you’re outside the Netherlands. But here at, we carry dozens of Dutch bicycle models. No matter what modern adaptations you need to your traditional urban bike, wehave a Dutch-inspired ride for you.