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Folding bikes for flexible living
Folding bikes for flexible living
The only drawback for bikes in the city is that it can be hard to store them and take them on public transport. There is a solution, though, modern folding bikes turn into a compact piece of luggage in just a few steps. They don’t just conveniently fit into the trunk of your car, but also make for a decent time saver for everyone who regularly travels by public transport. Simply ride to the train station, fold, then unfold and hop back on when you’ve reached your stop. With hub gear or chain drive, modern brakes and wheel sizes between 20 and 24 inches, there’s a model for everyone’s needs.

Folding Bikes

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Folding Bikes

Have you ever thought of taking your bike with you but realised it will take up too much space? That is no longer a problem. Folding bikes are now as simple as carrying a piece of luggage. You can take them on trains, put them into the boot of your car, or even take them on a coach or a plane. It couldn't be easier!

Folding Bike under table

Amazing features

Unbelievably small and incredibly light, there is a comprehensive and convenient range of bikes waiting for you. With over 220 patents, 30 years of steady growth, and ingenious technology, Dahon is the leader in folding bikes, constantly developing and optimising them.

On Bikester, folding bikes are available in various colours, sizes and models, so you will undoubtedly find the Dahon Folding Bike you're looking for. With hub gear or chain drive, modern brakes and wheel sizes between 20 and 24 inches, there's a model suitable for everyone's needs.

What are the benefits of a folding bike?

Being extremely lightweight, there is nothing easier than folding them up at your destination. This makes them the perfect option to travel with too. Every day we hear on television that we should exercise to keep fit, but we don't always have the time. Take advantage of this bike now.

You can take the bus for part of your journey and then continue for the rest by bike. This can also be beneficial for your productivity at work. You can consider it a stress reliever, allowing you to boost your mood. What's more, by having your bike with you all the time, nobody can steal or vandalise your bike.

Dahon Hemingway characteristics

You may have balked at taking a bike with you due to weight, but with a folding bike, that's no longer an issue. Weighing only 9kg, The Hemingway meets the needs of the city. Renowned for its ability to fold away in 30 seconds, this light, compact bike with nine gears is ideal for lovers of the outdoors. Dahon folding bikes are the lightest bikes on the market. With a simple design, it offers a sturdy frame and top quality as a folding bike.

Quality and class

The Dahon Curl model is the most compact folding bike ever. Weighing only 12.9kg, you can carry it anywhere. Intended for the city and touring use, this super comfortable bike has some unbelievable features you cannot do without. With Shimano gears and Tektro brakes, you couldn't ask for better quality. Once folded, it is neat and compact, and you can store it in a corner when you are not using it.

Technology and development

With over 5 million folding bikes on the streets in over 40 countries, Dahon can consider himself a pioneer in this field. As a university student, David Hon, the founder of Dahon bikes, used to remove the wheel of his bike to put it in his car. Once he parked, he would then assemble his bike and cycle to university. He soon realised that something needed to be done to make life easier for travellers. Therefore, he developed his vision by designing a folding bike, consequently receiving the first seven patents for his invention.

All bikes have a customised seat post and are ideal for riders from 130 cm-190 cm. Made of titanium, carbon, magnesium and patented aluminium alloys, these bikes offer top quality, along with attractiveness. Besides, with double latches, locks are safe and reliable.

Today, 95% of all folding bikes rely on Dahon's technology as the world's leading manufacturer.

Bike Accessories

All bikes come with a vast choice of accessories, ranging from mudguards to luggage racks. Thanks to the standard frame geometry, you won't even realise you are riding a folding bike. Dahon has gone to great lengths to make sure you have everything you could possibly need in a bike. So whichever Dahon model you decide to choose, you know you have made the right choice.