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Single speeds: One gear is enough
Single speeds: One gear is enough
Stripped back to the bare minimum, single-speed bikes promise a riding experience unlike any other. Light and almost silent – these are pure urban race bikes. Fast, light, and offering direct feedback; they allow you to rediscover the simple joys of cycling. With only one gear and only two brake cables, these bikes look the part and need minimal maintenance. Just jump on and enjoy the ride.

Single Speed Bikes

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Singlespeed Bikes for Urban Riding

Singlespeed Bikes

When you want to zip around the city without fiddling with gears and derailleurs, a singlespeed bike is the perfect ride. Singlespeed bikes have just a single gear, so how fast you go is directly related to how hard you pedal. Here at, we have a huge selection of singlespeed bikes to get you on the road.

Why Choose a Singlespeed Bike?

Singlespeed bikes have a number of advantages over multi-speed bikes. The first is that there is almost no maintenance required for a singlespeed bike. You don’t have to adjust derailleurs or replace worn out cassettes on your bike. Plus, without multiple gears, you won’t have to deal with grime building up between the teeth like you would on a multi-speed bike. Singlespeed bikes also do away with the gear cables and shifters. That means the handlebars can be stripped down to just the brakes, allowing singlespeed bikes to be more comfortable and easier to hold. Compared to fixie bikes, singlespeed bikes give you far more control. Unlike for a fixie bike, the pedals won’t rotate when you’re not pedalling on your singlespeed bicycle and you can even pedal backwards. The only real downside to singlespeed bikes is that they struggle at climbing hills. You simply don’t have any easier gears to switch into when going uphill. Unless you live in a very hilly city, though, most cyclists won’t have a problem with getting up and down small rolls in the road.

What to Look for in a Singlespeed Bike

Singlespeed bikes have a number of different design features that are more suited for different types of riders:

  • Frame Size - The first you need to know when choosing a singlespeed bike is what size frame you need. To figure out your frame size, measure the length of the inside of your leg and use a conversion chart to equate that to the proper bike measurement.
  • Frame Material - Most singlespeed bikes are made from steel or a steel alloy. The reason is that steel is inexpensive as well as extremely durable – a steel singlespeed bike will last for a lifetime even on potted city roads. You can also find singlespeed bikes made from an aluminium frame, which is more lightweight to help you pick up speed. However, these are less durable and cost more.
  • Handlebars - Singlespeed bikes come with either flat or drop handlebars. Which is right for you depends on your preferences and comfort. Many cyclists find that flat handlebars are easier to hold and make it easier to reach the brakes, which is important for urban riding. Drop handlebars allow you to get lower on the bike, allowing you to ride faster in windy conditions.

Singlespeed Bikes at

While you could go to a local bike shop to find a singlespeed bike, you’re likely to find a limited selection and inflated prices. Here at, we offer competitive prices on a huge selection of singlespeed bikes. Plus, we offer a 100-day return policy and free shipping on all of our singlespeed bikes.