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Women's bicycles: Reliable and enjoyable city models
Women's bicycles: Reliable and enjoyable city models
Ladies’ city bikes usually have come with a frame that has a lower entry than men's models. Many bike manufacturers offer their city models in two different versions: semi-high ‘trapezoidal’ models or ‘wave’ models with an extra-low entry point. Ladies city bikes feature an extensive range of equipment including fenders, lights, stands and bells. Reliable and easy-to-use gears and tyres are essential when facing the dangers of urban traffic. Whether low-maintenance hub shifting and back-pedal brake or chain shifting and rim brakes, the choice depends on personal preferences and your local geography.

Womens City Bikes

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Womens City Bikes

Womens City Bikes

City Bicycles for Every Woman

Women and men’s bodies are designed differently – so shouldn’t their bikes be, too? Here at, we offer a huge selection of city bicycles specifically designed to fit women and meet the needs of female cyclists.

What Makes Women’s Bikes Different?

Women are, on average, shorter than men. They also have narrower shoulders and wider hips. All of that means that the geometry of women’s bikes needs to be modified slightly to fit this different body shape.With that in mind, there are a few important design changes that bike manufacturers make when creating bikes specifically for women:

  • Size - Women’s bikes are produced on a size scale that is appropriate for women. Theavailable frame sizes are typically in the 30s and 40s, rather than in the mid-50s like for men’s bikes.
  • Top Tube - Another important modification that women’s bikes incorporate is to make it easier for women to mount the bike. The top tube is typically closer to the ground or slanted downward. Many ladies’ city bikes have a step-through frame, with the top tube bent into a U-shape so that it’s easy to step over the tube or to stand over the bike when stopped.
  • Wide Seat - To accommodate women’s wider hips, women’s bikes often use a wider seatthat allows them to sit more comfortably. On women’s city bikes, look for extra-wide and cushioned seats that offer an incredibly comfortable ride.
  • Narrow Handlebars - Finally, women’s bikes are designed with narrower handlebarsthan men’s bikes to fit their narrower chests and shoulders. On city bikes, this narrower design can make a big difference since riders are typically reaching up and out to the bars.

Choosing the Right Women’s City Bike

When it comes to finding the perfect city bike for any lady, there are a lot of options. To help you choose, let’s take a look at several of the most important design features and accessories.

Wave vs. Trapeze Frames

Returning to the idea that women’s bikes should make it easy for women to mount their ride, there are two dominant frame styles for women’s city bikes. Wave frames have a U-shaped top tube that make it easy to step over the frame and mount the bike. When pulling up to a stop, the wave frame also allows women to stand over the frame without hanging on the top tube.Trapeze frames are more similar to men’s bikes, with a flat top tube. However, trapeze frames slant the top tube down as it approaches the seatpost, again making it easier for women to mount and stand over their bikes. Just keep in mind that trapeze frames are not as easy to step over as wave frames.


Women’s city bikes are available with everything from single speed drivetrains to 27-speed shifting. While single speed bikes are easy to maintain, they can be more difficult to ride comfortably if you live in a hilly city. If your city riding involves a lot of up and down, consider opting for a ladies city bike with additional gears.


City bikes for women are typically designed with urban commuters in mind, so they offer a huge range of accessories to make commuting easier. Look for front or rear racks, handlebar baskets, integrated lights, bells, andmore to make your urban riding as safe and comfortable as possible.


Women’s Urban Bikes at

The easiest way to find the best ladies city bike for your riding is to browse our enormous selection at We make it easy to filter bikes by size, design, features, and more so you can quickly find the bike that’s right for you. Plus, we offer free shipping on all of our ladies urban bicycle orders.