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City Bikes (284 Products)

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City bikes: safe, comfortable, convenient & eco-friendly

City bikes are the ideal way to travel around the urban environment. Many people use these safe and comfortable models to cover short and medium distances that aren’t worth getting the car out for, or better negotiating busy traffic. For example, the city bicycle is a convenient mode of transport for short shopping trips, the daily commute to your workplace or for taking your child to school. Often in the urban environment it’s faster to travel by city bike than by car.

City bikes

City bicycles are specifically designed for the road and are sturdy load carriers – regardless of whether it’s a child's seat or a shopping basket. Riding a city bike is also an environmentally and health-conscious way of moving around and getting some fresh air.

What is special about the city bike?

  • The distance between the handlebar and the saddle is reduced compare to other bicycles. So, the city bike offers a more upright seating position; enabling better visibility and safer riding in dense urban traffic
  • In contrast to most sports bikes (such as cross-bikes and mountain bikes), a city bike comes with a high-quality lighting system that complies with road traffic regulations. So even in bad weather and dim light conditions your journey remains safe
  • A city bike is comparatively cheap, despite its long service life and the extensive equipment it comes with. Because a city bike isn’t designed to be suitable for the achieving the highest levels of sporting performance, it also doesn’t require expensive high-end components
  • E-city bikes come with the addition of an electric motor which makes tackling slopes a piece of cake

What do you need to consider when buying a city bike?

  • Your city bike must fit you exactly. Choose the right geometry carefully – in particular the frame height must match your own step length. Also look for the ability to adjust the handlebar, stem and saddle as this will ensure your comfort. You must be able to set your saddle high enough to prevent knee problems.
  • When buying your city bike, you can choose between a steel or aluminium frame. Aluminium frames are lighter and stiffer, but are also less compliant. Conversely, steel frames are heavier and more susceptible to corrosion in the long term, but they provide a more comfortable ride.
  • The wider the tyre, the higher your riding comfort
  • Choosing reliable, low-maintenance hub dynamos and LED headlights ensures excellent visibility and pays for itself in the long term
  • A suspension fork isn’t absolutely necessary for urban transport, but it does protect your bike when tackling curbs
  • The carrier should be able to handle at least 25 kgs. A high-quality side stand is recommended to keep the bike in a safe condition even when it’s fully loaded
  • Think about the accessories you need. For example, city traffic often presents unpredictable situations, so a bicycle helmet is absolutely indispensable when you’re travelling by city bike. Also, please don’t try to save money by buying a poor quality lock. The city is full of would-be bike thieves! Some city bicycles come with a frame lock of their own on the rear wheel
  • If you’re looking for a particularly robust and wear-resistant city bike, how about opting for a classic Dutch bike? The Dutch bike offers full-chain protection, a particularly upright seating position and is suitable for lowland riding

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