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E-hybrid bikes: Easy on the road
E-hybrid bikes: Easy on the road
You guessed it - fast and versatile hybrid bikes with modern and lightweight e-bike technology! With agile 28-inch wheels and e-motor assistance, these bikes are great for both paved and unpaved terrain – these sporty bikes are equally well-suited for daily commuting or for weekend cruises. Because of the higher speed you can reach with the e-bikes you can cut down your commute time and get more done in your free time.

E-Hybrid Bikes

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E-cross bikes: world of adventure for everyone

Whether you are searching for a bike to commute to work on, or something to use at the weekends for adventure and fun, an electric cross bike could be just the bike you are looking for. These sporty and versatile e-cross bikes can be counted on for their performance, additional pedal power, reliable components and modern and lightweight electric wheel technology. On the website, there is a comprehensive selection of e-cross bikes that are suited to the needs of cyclists at all levels.

E-cross bikes

Ride further with smart performance e-cross bikes

E-bikes is the collective name given to bikes that are fitted with a pedal-assisted electric drive. While they look almost the same as a regular bike, they have the extra advantage of being fitted with electric components, such as an electric motor and a battery, which are designed to help you tackle more challenging terrains and inclines, so that you can keep going for longer – and have more fun too.

Electric cross bikes combine the versatility of a hybrid bike with modern and lightweight e-bike technology. They are designed so that you can go further for longer and are fitted with batteries that are easy to load and charge. Slim wheels with an additional drive allow you to ride on both solid and unstable terrain, so you can make the easy transition from city commuting to weekend leisure, while the powerful and reliable braking system ensures that you have better security, even when you are cycling at top speed. Using an e-cross bike for your everyday mode of transport is also an excellent way to improve your general fitness levels and it’s good for the environment too. With so many different models to choose from, you can be sure that you will find the right one for you.

Electric cross bikes open up a world of adventure for everyone

On the website, you can browse through a wide range of electric cross bikes engineered by world-renowned bike manufacturers, such as Cube and Haibike (among others). The e-cross bikes are available in a number of different colours and styles and have their own specific innovative features, such as Shimano hydraulic disc brakes, Schwalbe tyres and other components that are fitted by leading bike manufacturers. The e-cross bikes are perfectly suited to cyclists of all levels and they are also ideal for beginners or people who do not have a strong fitness level, as they give you the ability to tackle even more challenging terrains that otherwise may not have been possible. As a bike for commuting, they also offer the advantage that you will arrive at your place of work feeling cool and comfortable (instead of hot and sweaty from the ride!). The versatile and intuitive nature of these electric cross bikes means that you can easily make the transition from city to countryside. With this wide-spread appeal, you can be sure that there is an e-cross bike for you on the website.