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E-Bike Wheels: Higher resistance & longer life
Adding a motor to a bike naturally means quicker speeds, higher forces, increased torque and a hefty chunk of added weight. For many purposes, traditional bicycle wheelsets will do the trick – but be warned, they’ll wear away quicker and require more frequent replacement. As e-bikes become more popular, manufacturers are starting to realise that the devil as ever, lies in the details. Why settle for false economy when you can have an ultra-durable set with tough rims, reinforced hubs and specially tuned spokes? E-bike wheels are specifically designed to offer higher resistance and longer life.

E-Bike Wheels

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Electric bike wheels

Choosing the right bike wheel for your electric bike is important so that you can boost your e-bike’s performance. Nowadays, more than ever, people are swapping their usual mode of transport for the efficiency - as well as the health benefits – of an e-bike. On the website you can find a comprehensive choice of e-bike wheels and other components designed to accommodate a wide range of e-bikes.

E-bike wheels

E-bike wheels that improve performance and reliability

Driven by a passion for cycling, DT Swiss was established in 1994 by Frank Böckmann, Maurizio D'Alberto and Marco Zingg and became a top end developer and manufacturer of superior quality spokes. By combining the art of precision Swiss engineering and innovation, today, DT Swiss makes some of the most reliable bike components on the market, including spokes, nipples, hubs, rims, complete wheels and suspension systems in order to help the rider to have a truly remarkable riding experience across any type of terrain. The company is well known for its advances in technology and for keeping up with new and developing trends that meet the demands of both professional and amateur cyclists. Its headquarters are based in Biel in Switzerland and it has production and sales sites throughout the world. Thanks to DT Swiss Chief Marketing Officer Daniel Berger’s enthusiasm for electric bikes, the company has also set trends with its range of wheels for electric bikes.

Mavic is also a renowned developer and manufacturer of industry leading components for bikes. The company was founded in 1889 in Lyon by Leon and Laurent Vielle, two brothers who initially worked in the nickel-plating business, but who then started to produce and sell bike components. Mavic released the first ever duralumin (copper and aluminium) rims in 1934, which revolutionised the market thanks to its extremely lightweight qualities. In 1973, aerodynamics inspired Mavic’s first line of wheels. By 1983, the company was investigating the idea of wheels being complete creations rather than assemblies and by 1995, the concept of the wheel as a ""global system"" was produced. By 1996, the lightweight Crossmax wheel was born. This Crossmax is specifically designed for cross-country MTBs, with fast, light and responsive qualities that save you energy and maximise fun on performance trails.

Guaranteed pleasure, freedom and a smoother ride with the right e-bike wheel

On the website, you can choose from a selection of wheels by DT Swiss and Mavic including:

  • DT Swiss Spline Hybrid Boost extra-strong yet lightweight wheels, which give e-mountain bikers the extra power they need, enabling them to take on more miles, enjoy better steering precision and unleash the full potential of their eMTBs.
  • Mavic wheels designed for e-MTB including Mavic XA Elite Wheel, Crossmax Elite and and D-Max Pro, engineered to be strong and durable over challenging terrains to make off-road riding even more fun.