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Touring bikes: Ready for your bike adventure
Touring bikes: Ready for your bike adventure
If you’re looking to travel comfortably on longer journeys, choose a touring bike or a cross bike for your route. Cross-bikes combine the narrower tyres of touring bikes with MTB features (fork with suspension, disc brakes and chain gears with up to 30 gears) creating fast all-rounders for fixed and unconsolidated routes. In order to transport luggage on your bike however, we recommend the use of specially designed touring and travel bike models. They are optimised for comfort and great control over many hours in the saddle. Their components are equally carefree, application-oriented and comprehensive. You can expect a firmly installed lighting system with hub dynamo and solid luggage carriers.

Touring Bikes

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Touring Bikes in the UK?

Tourer bikes uk are specially designed for long journeys with panniers on mainly paved roads. Let's examine them in detail. Touring frames are robust and have a greater load capacity. They are generally made of chrome-plated steel, mainly because of its strength and ease of repair if necessary. Although at first sight they are similar to road or cyclocross bikes, their geometry allows a more upright posture, with relaxed arms and neck, ideal for riding hundreds of kilometres a day. Another important feature of touring frames is the presence of multiple attachment points for rear racks, front racks and saddle bags. As for handlebar types, drop or butterfly ones are preferred, as they offer different positions for the hands. Wheels specially built for touring with panniers must be sturdy. The most common wheel sizes for touring bikes are 700 mm and 26″ when the trip is mainly on the road. These bikes must be able to climb the steepest slopes even with a load. This is why touring bikes have a long range and very low speeds.

Touring bikes are extremely versatile, just as well suited for long trips as for cruising around the city or for the daily commute. Often very affordable, here at we have a wide selection available for less than £500.


Touring Bikes at

Maroon Touring Bike

They usually come complete with:

  • A wide range of gears so even the steepest of ascents can be easily tackled
  • Mudguards and lighting which mean neither bad weather nor encroaching darkness will hinder your riding experience
  • Luggage racks which enable you to carry pannier bags, a tent or other items whilst riding
  • Some models come complete with spring-loaded seat posts for extra comfort

What is a touring bike used for?

A touring bike is not only suitable for epic journeys through mountain ranges and across country borders; it can also be used to commute and for grocery shopping. In contrast to mountain bikes or road bikes, with a touring bike you have option to carry luggage for longer rides and multi-day trips. These features make the touring bike probably the most versatile kind of bike available.

Find the right touring bike

Our touring bike shop offers many different models for both men and women. When selecting the bike, it is important to select the appropriate frame size. If you value comfort, choose a bike with a sprung seat post and handlebars that offer a variety of different hand positions. View our latest touring bike offers at

Touring Bikes: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a road bike and a touring bike?

Road bikes are designed to operate on well-paved roads. They are lighter and have a shorter wheelbase, lower bottom bracket and steeper steering angles. Touring bikes are designed for long, multi-day trips. They are heavier being designed for durability and to carry extra weight. They maintain a low bottom bracket, but the wheelbase is longer and the head tube angle lower than on a road bike, thus increasing their stability.

What is the advantage of touring bike?

In a word, its versatility. It is designed for travelling, carrying the necessary equipment on the luggage rack and in the capacious side bags. Those same panniers that will come in handy in the city to carry your shopping home. And let's not forget the comfort and protections from mud it gives you both in the city and on a trip out of town. A perfect bike for multiple occasions.

Are touring bikes slow?

Touring bikes certainly offer many advantages, but certainly not speed. They are designed to provide maximum comfort, the ability to carry the necessary equipment, but, above all, to be reliable and durable. Two basic characteristics that are essential when one decides to embark on a journey that, in the event of a breakdown, can make it difficult to find assistance.

What is the difference between a touring bike and a hybrid?

The hybrid bike combines the comfortable riding position of an MTB with a lightweight frame and fast-rolling wheels. Perfect if you have to cover on-road rides in the city while maintaining an upright position allowing you to anticipate possible dangers. Touring bikes are more versatile, suitable for city trips, but also for long journeys over different terrain and allow you to carry heavy loads without excessive effort.