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Arm & Leg Warmers

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Arm & Leg Warmers

If you're an avid cyclist, chances are you've ended up in a surprise weather situation where you've been colder than you would have liked. Arm & leg warmers are a wonderful addition to your cycling clothing as they offer you quick protection against changeable conditions and they're easy to carry.

Keep you arms and legs warm with

Here at Bikester, we've got a wide selection of arm warmers for women and men as well as full leg and knee warmers.

Benefits of arm and leg warmers whilst cycling

It is common knowledge that our muscles perform better when they're warm. Having your knee and elbow joints covered in most weather conditions will improve your performance out on the bike. This is because when you cycle in colder conditions, you get less blood flow to the muscles, which you want to discourage. Wearing warmers will help you stay warm without overheating.

Cycling leg warmers

Two popular styles for leg warmers are the full-length and knee-length designs. Endura accessories have leg warmers in both lengths, comprised of breathable and waterproof fabrics. Their Pro series all have 4-way stretch zippers and give firm protection around the joints for maximum comfort and protection.

It's important that your cycling clothes allow you to feel comfortable in changing temperatures. Easily removable garments like warmers are ideal, as you can start the day wearing them and then if the sun comes out, you can whip them off. Overheating on the bike is just as bad as freezing on it, so adaptable outfits are key.

Cycling sleeves

We stock many brands that offer great arm warmers for men and women. ASSOS accessories include a range of arm warmers that are constructed from their patented RX Lightweight fabric with fantastic elastic, thermal and breathable properties. All the arm warmers we stock at Bikester are well-fitted, as well as left and right specific. Most brands offer a range of sizes to ensure the perfect fit for you.

Training whilst your body is sufficiently heated actually makes you more effective on the bike. Whether you're planning to be cycling in the mountains or speeding up your morning commute — arm and leg warmers are a great idea to improve your overall performance and comfort.

More bike accessories

All types of cycling require different accessories depending on the season. Headgear such as helmets and sun hats will keep you safe and your eyes shaded from the sun. There's nothing worse than the glare from the sun reflecting off the road or wet track and hindering your sight. We also stock a great range of cycling sunglasses for this reason.

Colder season accessories such as cycling gloves and overshoes can be teamed with your arm and leg warmers for full protection. Waterproof shoe covers ensure that your feet stay warm - which is often one of the most important points of heat retention, alongside your head. Some designs offer a fleece lining to keep your toes toasty even in icy conditions.

Winter gloves are another absolute essential in your cycling clothing kit. Long-cut gloves will offer you full wind and waterproof protection. Keeping your fingers and wrists warm when you're out in the elements is key to your long-term comfort and enjoyment on the bike.

All year round kit

The great thing about arm and leg warmers is that they're adaptable and can be worn with any other combination of bike clothing, depending on the warmth level you require that day. Neck buffs and fingerless gloves are other items that offer the same options for changeable layers, which is essential in a country where the weather can change at the drop of a hat.

Check out all of the bike clothing and accessories here at Bikester and create your perfect kit.