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Cube Aerium

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Cube Series for Superb Aerodynamic Design

Cube is a German brand that started out as a trail bike company in 1993 and has since become one of the most recognised and renowned manufacturers of mountain bikes and time trial bikes. The Cube Aerium Series is a collection of high-performing, aerodynamic time trial bikes. Built for speed and with an aerodynamic design, Aerium bikes and Cube Aerium road bikes are available with a low or high base bar option, and with slight variations in features. Aerium bikes were developed with a multi-faceted aerodynamic design which is key to high performance on the road. For those seeking perfection and solid performance, a Cube Aerium triathlon bike or time trial bike will undoubtedly go above and beyond your expectations.

Aerium road bikes

When it comes to road bikes, a Cube Aerium model will let you build up intense speed while maintaining perfect control over the bike. Aerium road bikes feature Cube's DT Swiss ARC 1100 80mm carbon wheels, designed to cut through the air. At the same time, a 12-speed transmission ensures each stroke of the pedals propels you at 100%. For braking, Cube Aerium road bikes are equipped with Magura RT Aerobrakes that provide fine control. This line feature a super lightweight frame and a sophisticated hydraulic set of brakes that respond in a nano-second with the touch of a fingertip.

Triathlon bikes from Cube

If you are searching for a great triathlon bike, an Aerium time trial bike will serve you well. The key components in a triathlon are maximising speed and maintaining tight control, and aCube Aerium triathlon bike is designed to let you achieve just that. EachCube Aerium triathlon bike comes equipped with a Sram Force AXS 12-speed gearshift that lets you change gear in an instant as you respond to each and every twist and turn on the track. For greater comfort, control, and aerodynamics, each Aerium triathlon bike is available in a low or a high base-bar option. The low version has a 40mm-wide flat bar which promotes excellent aerodynamic efficiency, while the high model features a 420mm-wide riser bar with a height of 40mm. Each C:68 Cube Aerium triathlon bike frame is built with 68% carbon fibre for a lower weight and greater rigidity. The Aerium C:68 SL in particular is one of the fastest bikes for triathlon on the market. Highly resistant to crosswinds, its aerodynamic frame will zip across any terrain, whether it's a roadway or mountain trail.

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