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Determine the optimal frame size for your mountain bike

1. Measure step length

Please measure your inside leg length from the sole (without shoes) to the crotch.

Depending on body size and sex, the crotch length of an adult is between about 65 cm and 95 cm.

2. Calculate the frame size

Enter your step length in cm:

If the calculated value is between two frame sizes
  • For a more agile, sporty driving experience choose the smaller bike
  • For a more quiet, touring-oriented experience choose the larger bike

Your optimal frame size is independent of the wheel size. Mountain bikes with 26 inch, 27.5 inch and 29 inch wheels are rode with the same frame size.

Don't have a tape measure?

Use this table and take your body size as a clue.

Your height
in cm
Recommended Frame Size
in cm (inches)
Recommended wheel size
in inches
150-155 cm33-36 cm (13"-14")26"
155-160 cm35-38 cm (14"-15")26" or 27,5"
160-165 cm38-40 cm (15"-16")26" or 27,5""
165-170 cm40-43 cm (16"-17")26" or 27,5""
170-175 cm42-45 cm (16,5"-17,5")26", 27,5" or 29"
175-180 cm44-47 cm (17,5"-18,5")26", 27,5" or 29"
180-185 cm46-49 cm (18"-19")26", 27,5" or 29"
185-190 cm49-52 cm (19"-20,5")27,5" or 29"
190-195 cm51-56 cm (20,5"-22")29"
195 cmfrom 56 cm (from 22")29"

Please note:
These recommendations are only a guidance. The ratio of leg length and upper body length can vary greatly.

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