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MTB saddles: uphill or downhill, it must fit!
If your saddle doesn't fit, even short off-road rides can be very uncomfortable, let alone those lasting many hours. But one thing's for sure: there's a suitable saddle for every mountain biker. When searching for the perfect saddle, take into account the following factors: what kind of riding do you do? Are you more of a downhill rider or more into CX? Do you sit upright or more stretched out on the bike? How far apart are your sit bones? How heavy are you? If you're serious about mountain biking, it's worthwhile getting a bike fit. Experienced riders, on the other hand, know exactly which saddle is right for them. There are numerous tips on the internet for determining the distance between your sit bones. Once you've measured this, you're one step closer to finding your perfect saddle.

MTB Saddles

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WTB Volt Saddle Steel black
WTB Volt Saddle Steel black
Volt Saddle Steel black
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Mountain Bike Saddles for Comfort and Performance

Mountain Bike Saddles

Getting the right saddle for your mountain bike is absolutely essential for enjoying your ride. If you have a saddle that’s not quite right for your body, it’s hard to ignore. On the other hand, finding a saddle that you can forget is underneath youis one of the fastest ways to achieve trail riding nirvana.

Finding the Perfect Saddle Fit and Shape

Mounting the perfect mountain bike saddle on your bike starts with getting the fit dialled in and finding a shape that works for you.

Mountain Bike Saddle Fit

Mountain bike saddles are often available in multiple widths so that you can matchthe width of your sit bones to the contact points on the seat. The easiest and most accurate way to figure out how wide apart your sit bones are is to visit your local bike shop. Alternatively, you can figure this out at home by sitting down on a piece of paper with some ink or dirt on it – just measure the distance between the impressions your body leaves behind.

Nose Length

Every mountain bike saddle has a nose, but the length of that nose relative to the rest of the seat can vary considerably. Saddles with short noses typically make it easier for you to adjust your position while riding. A longer nose, on the other hand, gives you more room to shift your weight forward, which can be very helpful for climbing steep grades.Nose length ultimately comes down to what feels comfortable to you. If you find yourself running out of room to shift forward during climbs, a longer saddle mightbe right for you. If the nose feels more like a common pressure point on your body, try switching to a short-nosed mountain bike seat.


The shape of mountain bike saddles from front to back can also differ dramatically. Some saddles are perfectly flat to give you more room to shift positions, whileothers have a raise back end to provide more support. Saddles also vary in whetherthe sides are rounded or flat, which can make a big difference in comfort for many riders.One shape feature that isn’t as much of a comfort issue is a tapered back end. Thisis something that most modern mountain bike saddles have in common because it’sdesigned to lessen the chances that baggy bike shorts get caught on the seat when standing and sitting.

Center Cut Out

Many saddles feature a cut out in the center, which can play a big role in comfort. This cut out is designed to reduce pressure on the perineum when you leanforward. Some riders swear by the cut out and would never go back to a traditional mountain bike saddle. Others don’t find that it helps. Ultimately, whether this feature is right for your bike comes down to personal preference.

Rail Materials

Another big difference among mountain bike saddles is the type of material the rails are constructed from. Steel and aluminium are relatively inexpensive and highly durable, but they’re also decently heavy. Titanium and carbon rails cutdown on weight for riders willing to pay a premium, but these materials are only really necessary for racers or those with much more disposable income!

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