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Touring bike saddles: where top comfort is essential
For a longer tour on a touring bike, having the ideal saddle is crucial. It should suit your seating position and anatomy. If you have no problems even after hours on the saddle, only change the saddle if you really have to. For all other touring cyclists with pain in the buttocks and numb limbs, a saddle change is necessary. Often, on a longer tour, the focus is on comfort. Riding slower, you try to experience as much of the surroundings and nature as possible while in a more upright position. The load is therefore more on the sit bones. Somewhat wider saddles with pressure-reducing gel inserts, shock absorber systems and cut-outs in the centre of the saddle ensure a high level of seated comfort. You can find a wide selection of touring saddles in our online shop: we sell models for adults and children.

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