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Bike frames: the backbone of your bike

The frame is the backbone of your bike. Combining superb engineering and competitive prices, the website has a range of industry leading bike frames that are suitable for men, women and children, and that are designed for every situation from road cycling and complicated off-road terrains to urban ‘scapes. Whether you are a road cyclist, a mountain biker, hobby cyclist or commuter just trying to get from A to B, there is a frame to suit every need, so that you can ensure you have the best cycling experience, wherever you are.

Bike frames

What should you consider when buying a bike frame?

There are many different elements to consider when you are deciding which bike frame to invest in, including your riding style, your height, the type of bike you want to ride and where you are going to ride it. With the correct bike frame, you will be more comfortable, more efficient and have even more fun. Some important factors to consider when you are buying your frame are:

  • Material: Bike frames are usually made either from aluminium, carbon fibre, steel, titanium or chrome. While each type of material used has its own unique characteristics and benefits, the most popular material is aluminium, thanks to its overall long-lasting service life, flexible, lightweight properties and rust-resistant composition. Carbon-fibre bike frames are the most lightweight, and just like aluminium, they do not rust. However, it is more expensive and not always as durable. Titanium and carbon are materials usually used at competition level – titanium for its exceptional performance, and carbon for its agility and speed. At ground level though, an aluminium frame is a good all-rounder
  • Terrain and type of cycling: where will you be riding and what will you be using your bike for – will you be racing down hills over rough terrain, tearing through the mud or cycling through the city? On, there’s a frame for every occasion
  • Size: Measure your height to get the optimum fit for your frame. The easiest way to do this is to measure your height and also the length of your inside leg

Find the right bike frame for you on

Browse a huge selection of bicycle frames engineered by some of the industry’s top bike manufacturers including DARTMOOR, and VOTEC. Choosing the right frame largely depends on what kind of bike you plan to ride.

A road bike is designed to be lightweight and efficient. The frame needs to be light and rigid, which is why materials that are durable but light, such as steel, aluminium, carbon fibre and titanium are common (with carbon fibre and titanium usually used at competition level). A mountain bike, on the other hand, needs to be robust and able to handle off road terrain such as dirt, gravel, snow and rough surfaces. The bike frames are also usually made from either aluminium, steel, carbon fibre or titanium but are built to withstand much more extreme impact, vibrations and tougher conditions.