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E-Bike Displays

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E-Bike Displays

An ebike display is the best way to always have a quick and clear overview not only of essential riding data, but also of your performance and adjust accordingly. In addition to providing essential information, the display can signal any malfunctions, allowing you to intervene promptly. Among its main functions you can find: the odometer and speedometer showing the kilometres travelled and the speed at which you pedalled. The battery capacity to check how much charge is left and thus assess how far you can still go. And finally, the pedal assistance, useful for a little help on steep climbs. The different levels of pedal assistance can be adjusted using the '+' or '-' buttons. Level 0 provides no assistance at all, level 1 the minimum assistance, and going up a level gives maximum power to reach a high speed.

E-Bike Displays: Frequently Asked Questions

Does an eBike need a display?

Definitely yes. The display plays a key role in allowing you to check not only the parameters of the e-bike (motor, battery charge, pedalling assistance level), but also your personal parameters such as kilometres travelled and pedalling speed. Basic information both to motivate you and to plan exercises to reach your goals.

Are eBike displays interchangeable?

No, displays are not interchangeable. They are currently developed in conjunction with a specific ECU, with a specific plug and a set of kit functions, which does not allow them to be fitted to a different ECU model than the one they were developed for.