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Road Wheels

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Road Bike Wheels

Looking for and upgrading the wheels on your bike can be quite complicated if you don't know what you are doing. There are many road bike wheels available, so you do need to make sure that you are getting wheels suitable for road bikes rather than for some other type of biking. It's also important to get the right wheel size as well as ensuring that you get the perfect wheel for both the front and rear of your bike.

 Road Bike Wheels

As this can be hard, we have a road bike assembly guide for you as well as a number of different road bike wheels available here at Bikester.

When the going gets rough

It's important to make sure that the road tyres and wheels you buy match your road bike frames and the terrain you are planning to ride on. At Bikester, we have a vast range of different brands to suit your needs.

For instance, Shimano road wheels are great for rides on rough roads. The Shimano GRX for example uses a thru axle and a disc braking system for strong braking. The rims are aluminium meaning that this wheel is lightweight yet durable too. It can withstand rougher roads and provides you with a comfortable performance. There are a number of other models and brands that also offer excellent performances across rougher landscapes.

Smooth sailing

The Axium Mavic road wheels are a great option for daily use on a road bike. This wheel is a well-balanced option that has long-lasting construction in place. It's great for beginners too. The wheel has various spokes to provide a stiffer shape and stability. It's also possible to change things up with wider tyres due to the inner width of the rim so that it's comfortable for use even on less maintained roads.

If you're not entirely sure what type of riding you want to be doing, then the Zipp road wheels are the way to go. The Firecrest model, for example, is a perfect blend of top quality wheel construction and can be used across a range of different terrains from road to trail and mountain. The wheels of this model are one of the most aerodynamically designed yet and mean that the bike can move more smoothly than before.

Front and back

It's also very important when shopping for road hubs and wheels that you get the correct front and back wheels. Each of these is designed separately so getting this wrong can really affect the bike and your performance. To avoid that, we do offer road bike wheelsets ensuring that you get all you need in one go.

It's also important to measure your bike frame and the wheel size you need. We have a huge range of wheel sizes including height and rim width. Making sure that you have the correct size for the style of bike riding you are involved in will make your ride that much smoother. If you need any help, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.