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Hydration Systems
On bikes where aerodynamically optimised frames, forks, brakes and seating position are the order of the day, designers have thought of new ways to optimise hydration systems. Established triathlon brands such as Profile Design or FSA have developed unique drinking systems for triathlon requirements, which are easier to use on the bike and are more aerodynamic. These include aero drinking bottles and holders that fit between the tri-bars and allow a constant fluid intake via a straw without changing the position on the bike. Bottle holder solutions for placing regular bottles directly behind the saddle, in the rider's slipstream, are now available as well as narrow aero bottles and holders that are mounted in the usual position.

Hydration Systems

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Triathlon Hydration Systems by best brands

The website is your one-stop shop for all things related to triathlons, and our triathlon hydration systems are no exception. From the standard drinking bottles with mountable cages to integrated triathlon hydration systems, make sure that you stay hydrated during training and competition. On, we stock a wide portfolio of hydration products, including water bottles, hydration systems, bottle cages and accessories that will keep you hydrated before, during and after training and races. Our selection ranges from the more traditional squeeze bottles that are fitted with cages to the more elaborate and durable hydration systems that can be mounted onto your handlebars or to the rear of your bike, depending on the model. Feel the difference with the right system for you.

Triathlon hydration systems

With the right triathlon hydration systems, you can go the extra mile

Just like with all other sports, staying hydrated is one of the most important aspects of competing and training, both for health and safety reasons as well as to ensure optimised performance. Your body needs water, and not drinking enough can mean the difference between finishing out front and being forced to drop out of a race.

Whether you are an experienced triathlete or just starting out, hydration is an essential factor that contributes towards your performance and well-being during training and competing. There are a number of triathlon hydration systems on the market today that suit the different needs of athletes, ranging from the more traditional and simple squeeze bottle and cage system to more comprehensive hydration systems that can be fixed to your bike and allow the fluids to pass through a straw connected to the bottle.

Triathlon hydration systems can be fixed to the front or rear of your bike and therefore can be used hands free. Designed to be simple to use and give you optimum access to water on the go, you don’t need to think about retrieving your bottle of water from anywhere and it also means that you won’t postpone drinking water because it is so easy to gain access to it. Taking regular small sips of water is recommended during training and competing, instead of gulping down a lot of water or liquid in one go.

Triathlon hydration systems enhance safety, ease and performance at every level

On the website you will find a broad choice of products and accessories relating to your hydration system of choice, to ensure that you get the most out of your experience. From those that are suited to easy training sessions and beginner level athletes, to those that can support you over an exhausting triathlon that pushes you to the limit, our collection includes products by industry-leading brands such as XLAB, Profile Design and Topeak and supplies everything from the drinking bottles themselves and mounting brackets that are to keep your hydration system firmly in place while withstanding movement over rough terrain, to water bottle cages and smaller components such as brackets, spare straws, reload kits, refill caps and lids.