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Triathlon bags
Triathlons and open water swimming events require a lot of gear, and often that gear is soaking wet. Triathlon bags have separate, waterproof compartments to organise your gear for easy access and keep wet and dry clothes separate. This category also has swim bags; these are inflatable dry bags that work both as a buoyancy aid and as a bag to keep your essentials in, most are also high-vis, so if you are in open water, you will be easy to spot.

Triathlon Backpacks & Transition Bags

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Triathlon backpacks & transition bags

Bags and backpacks that are specifically designed to be worn and store items during triathlons are ideal for carrying your gear, including helmets, swimwear, shoes, clothing and other accessories, while also providing that much needed support during transitions. On the website, browse our extensive collection of lightweight and durable triathlon backpacks and transition bags that are engineered for training and racing at every level.

Triathlon backpacks

Make training and transitions easier with the right triathlon backpack

Whether you are a triathlon regular or just starting out, athletes at any level of training need a lot of equipment, therefore it is vital to have the appropriate bag to carry all your gear and accessories around in. As there are three different disciplines to a triathlon - running, swimming and cycling - you logically need an array of important items for each stage of the race. The right bag ensures that all your gear is to hand and exactly where you need it most.

Transition bags and triathlon backpacks are devised to hold all of your gear, including your shoes, clothing, gels, swimwear and caps, nutrients and even your helmet and electronic gear. The demands placed on you during a triathlon are tough, and transitioning between the different stages can be a challenge. With the right bag, you can keep all of your items organised and in the right place, which can shave off those precious seconds from your time and up your performance when moving between the different legs.

Transition bags and triathlon backpacks are designed with many compartments, including a special wet-pocket compartment that can hold your gear and keep your wet swimwear separate from the rest of your clothing and electronic equipment, such as a mobile phone or tablet. The bags are available with adjustable shoulder straps in a backpack, drawstring or shoulder bag style, with back padding and breathable material to keep you well-ventilated, comfortable and dry. If you need to carry your kit with you while you are in the water, there are also dry bags that are engineered to store your kit safely while you are swimming, that aid with buoyancy and come in a range of eye-catching styles that boost your visibility in the open water.

Be race-day-ready with a triathlon transition bag

On the website, there is a wide choice of multifunctional triathlon backpacks and transition bags, from simple drawstring backpacks, to bags with specialised compartments for wetsuits, helmets, goggles, sunglasses and accessories, as well as completely water-resistant dry bags should you need to swim with your equipment. has a vast selection of bags and backpacks that will keep both you and your equipment organised during training and race day. So, let the right bag do some of the work for you, supporting you where you need it most and keeping your equipment in one place. Having your essential gear to hand can make the difference between reaching your peak performance and falling behind the pack.