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Triathlon swimming goggles - better vision and protection in open water
Competitive swimmers are advised to wear swimming goggles because their head is underwater most of the time. Swimming goggles offer better vision and protect the eyes from germs or other debris when swimming in outdoor environments. High-quality models are available in different fits and can be adjusted with different nose bridges and straps to keep you comfortable. Unlike goggles for indoor pools, Triathlon swim goggles have a darker tint with UV protection or have polarised lenses because swimming is usually done in open water. They also often have a larger field of vision.

Triathlon Goggles

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Triathlon goggles: the best goggles for triathlon with

Not only does stock everything you could possibly need relating to cycling, but it also offers a selection of other top-quality swimming goggles for triathlons that are engineered for both training and competition and ultimately to enhance your performance. We work only with the best brands and manufacturers in the industry i.e. Head, Speedo or Zoggs, who consistently strive to improve and develop their products to be as durable and reliable as possible - and to help you to reach your peak and even exceed your goals.

Triathlon goggles

Dominate your race with the right pair of triathlon goggles

Whether you are starting out or training as a seasoned swimmer or triathlete, choosing the ideal pair of triathlon goggles can make a big difference to your performance. Looking to win that big race or shave some precious time off your personal best? The right pair of triathlon goggles can help you to ramp up your performance, improve your visibility in the open water as well as contribute to your safety and security in the water. There are many models to choose from out there, so finding the one for you can be challenging if you are not sure what you are looking for.

An important factor to consider is whether you are going to be swimming in open water. If you are swimming in open water, it could be a good idea to choose a pair that has clear or lightly tinted lenses because swimming in open water can be darker than in a brightly lit indoor swimming pool area. If you know that you are going to be swimming in sunlight, then look for a pair of goggles that feature mirrored lenses and built-in UV protection. Another factor that can help to boost your performance is making sure that your goggles have comfortable gaskets and seals (made from material such as soft silicone) which distribute the pressure over a much wider area and minimise the need to adjust the straps while you are swimming. You might also want to consider wide split or dual straps that distribute the pressure evenly across your head and that can also withstand motion from the water or other swimmers around you and be relied on to stay in place.

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At, we make it our mission to find and supply the leading brands and the latest styles and models for our customers, so that you will always find what you need. We stock a comprehensive range of leak-proof swimming goggles for triathlon races that have been engineered for use in a swimming pool and/or in open water and that have been tried and tested to the highest level. Our models are designed to fit perfectly to the shape and contours of your head, and are available with different types of lenses including transparent, tinted or mirrored lenses, while featuring innovative characteristics such as anti-fog impregnation and UV protection to reduce glare. Not only that, their design and functionality has your comfort and style in mind, leaving you to fully focus on your performance and training.