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Children's Bikes from 12” to 24“
Children's Bikes from 12” to 24“
When it’s time for the next generation to be introduced to cycling, you’ll find there is a perfect model available – no matter their size or age. We offer a range of child-friendly bikes for early riding fun and learning success. With a 12 inch, 16 inch, 18 inch, 20er and later a 24-wheel children's bike, little riders can get their first taste of cycling – and get ready for more complex riding. While small 12 – 18 inch wheels are mainly limited to teaching the very basics, 20 inch children's bicycles are already fitted with gears and rim brakes, and 24-inch bicycles offer all the same features available on full-sized adult models.

Childrens Bikes

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Most popular New products Best rating Highest price Lowest price Highest discount
s'cool XtriX 40 20" Kids dark grey/beige
s'cool XtriX 40 20" Kids dark grey/beige
XtriX 40 20" Kids dark grey/beige
  • Versions: 20"
Kids’ Bike Guide

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Children’s Bikes to Get the Next Generation Moving

Children’s Bikes

Training the next generation of cyclists and instilling a love for bikes starts early in childhood. That’s why we offer a full range of children’s bikes for kids of all ages.Whether your child requires a starter bike to teach them how to balance on two wheels or a more advanced bike for exploring the roads and trails with you, our wide selection of children’s bikes has you covered.

Choosing the Right Size

The most important thing when choosing a kid’s bicycle is to get the sizing right. Children’s bicycle sizing works very differently from adult bicycle sizing – juniorbikes are sized according to wheel diameter rather than by frame size. Typically, children’s bikes are available in sizes from 12-18”, and 20” and 24” sizes.The size of bike your child needs depends primarily on their height. Your child should be able to stand over the bike with both feet on the ground so they don’t fall over when the bike comes to a stop. Don’t fall into the trap of ‘sizing up’ so that your child can ‘grow into’ a bike that’s too big for them – having a bike that’s the right size can improve kids’ confidence when cycling and make the cycling experience more enjoyable.

Types of Children’s Bikes

Children’s bikes span the same diversity of styles as adult bikes, which means you can outfit your child for riding on the roads or trails or even for bike commuting. However, most of these more specialised bikes are available as 20” and 24” models – most bicycles smaller than this are not street-legal and are designed for teaching kids the basics of riding.

Training Wheel Bikes

The majority of children’s bikes from 12-18” in size are single-speed bicycles capable of accepting stabilisers. These bicycles are designed to be as simple as possible for your child to learn on – there are no gears and shifters to worry about, the pedals control the brakes, and the wheels are thick and wide to help with balance. As your child gets better at cycling, you can remove the stabilisers and allow them to practise riding on two wheels.

Kid’s Road, Hybrid, and Urban Bikes

Once you move up to the 20” and 24” size categories, the diversity of children’s bicycle styles explodes. Many kid’s road bikes are designed as hybrids, allowing them to be used for the wide range of cycling that children are likely to do – including off-road riding on grass and dirt. These hybrid and miniature urban bikes are also suitable for bike commuting, as many come with mudguards and a rear rack or front basket, so your kids can ride to school. For burgeoning young roadracers, you’ll even find a variety of kid’s road bikes with drop bars and skinny road tyres.

Kid’s Mountain Bikes

Kid’s mountain bikes have long been extremely popular because they offer themost versatility. These bikes feature front suspension forks and a wide gearselection just like adult hardtail mountain bikes, as well as durable tyres with profile. However, note that finding a children’s mountain bike with disc brakes canbe more difficult.

Children’s Bikes at

The best way to find the perfect bike for your child is to shop our wide selection at We carry children’s bikes in all sizes and styles, so you can find the right bike for teaching the basics of cycling or getting your child out on the roads and trails. We offer fast, convenient shipping and 100-day hassle-free returns.