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Balance bicycles: Learn to ride
Balance bicycles: Learn to ride
A little after they’ve learnt to run, children are ready for their first cycling pre-stage with a practical, and stylish balance bike. In only a short time, your child will learn the basics of cycling. Without the initial complications of pedals or brakes, balance bikes teach your little one to balance on two wheels. Pneumatic tyres and a fully adjustable saddle guarantee lots of action and fun until they are ready for their first real kid’s bike.

Balance Bikes

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The Best Balance Bikes for Your Toddlers

Do you have a toddler learning how to ride a bike? Then you should check out our balance bikes that can help out. At Bikester, we have a wide range of balance bikes from top brands, such as Puky kids bikes, S’cool kids bikes and Creme kids bikes. These bikes are available in different colours and sizes, so you can rest assured you will find the right one. You can browse through our collection of the best balance bikes that can help you build closer relationships with your toddlers as they learn how to ride.

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Top Balance Bikes — What is a Balance Bike?

Balance bikes are training bikes with no pedals and drivetrain that can help teach your tots the art of balance. Since learning how to ride a bike requires a lot of coordination, our balance bikes can prove to be useful for toddlers and young adults. Besides that, it will help develop their motor skills while giving them the freedom to explore. They can gain the confidence they need to start riding bicycles with actual pedals with time.

To brake or not to brake

Our balance bikes are safe to use. Some come with brakes while others don’t. If your kid is around 18 months old or less, we recommend choosing one with no brakes. However, once they start gaining confidence and balance, you can introduce balance bikes with brakes. Nevertheless, do not forget to wear a helmet for your kids whenever they are on the bikes.

Another good thing about our balance bikes is that they are easy to maintain. Other positives include:

  • There is no chain or pedals - you do not need to worry about high-spending maintenance.
  • Electric balance bikes, which are more fun to ride.
  • Multiple speeds, with three or more different speeds - all your kid needs to do is twist the throttle and go.

Our kids electric balance bikes are made from the best materials, which means they are durable and highly functional.

Choose the Right Training Bike with Ease

Choosing the right balance bikes can be tricky, especially if you do not know what to look for. However, we've got you covered.

If you want to choose the right balance bike, the size should be one of the important things that you need to consider. Your child’s feet should be able to touch the ground while sitting on the saddle. A pro top is to measure your kid’s inseam with shoes on, then choose a bike of the same measurement or slightly shorter minimum saddle. No matter your child's age, you will find the right balance bike size in our collection.

How heavy is the bike

After considering the size, take into account the weight of the bike. A good balance bike should be light enough for your child to move with their legs. We have different kinds of balance bikes with frames made from high-quality materials like wood, aluminium alloy or plastic. These are durable and rust-proof materials, so you can rest assured they are durable.

Picking those wheels

In addition, our bikes come with different wheels. You can go for those with pneumatic tires (wheels with air), alloy rims and steel spokes hubs. Some brands also use EVA foam tires that are puncture-proof. The same is also applicable to brakes. You can opt for those with V brakes or hand brake rear that can help your little ones stop safely. And if you want bikes with no brakes, we've got plenty of them as well.

Decent balance bikes are designed the same way as adult bikes, and the best ones use genuine parts. These parts need to be serviced and sometimes replaced when they wear. When you buy from us, you will be getting highly durable balance bikes from the best brands that do not require expensive servicing.

Choosing the perfect bike

At Bikester, we want you to find it easy to choose the right training bikes for young adults and toddlers. You can filter age ranges for balance bikes and choose the colour that your kids love. Besides that, we have made it possible to filter by:

  • brand
  • weight
  • series
  • brake type
  • popularity
  • price
  • best rating

Whether you want girls balance bikes or boys balance bikes, we've got the right type for you.

Our bikes for children also come in different sizes and with the latest products. These ride-ons are made from the best parts out there. So when you buy from us, you do not need to worry about the durability of the bikes. And if you are interested in kids electric bikes, we also have different types.

Remember that the best balance bikes will help teach your child the art of balance and give them the confidence they also need to later ride regular bikes. So why not check out our collection of balance bikes today?